Being In Charge vs Being in Control

Our solar plexus is our location for power, projection and a sense of ‘a right to be here and to act’. This area of the body and all of it’s murky, empty, confusing or fighting energy is a huge contributor to whether a voice has a sense of itself, or not. When its present it

The Spotlight

We are all beams of light and when we look directly at someone we light them up, we expose them. The dominant person who might be comfortable in shining their light will be lighting up someone who likely is not used to being seen in such a way and therefore might feel over-exposed, or uncomfortable in some

A development of trust…

  Someone asked me recently ‘what is it that makes your lessons and classes different from regular voice lessons? ‘  I had to think a while on that for a while, but what I realized is that in general we have been raised and trained with the teacher and student system.  You go to class