A Colorful Life

A Colorful Life By Anna Beaumont Living a rich and colorful life can mean that people will not always agree with you.  You will be the brunt of people’s jokes and will be talked about behind your back as ‘the person who does weird things.’  Oh well. I have a friend who has changed her

The Singing Pleaser

When the ‘Pleaser’ is singing everyone is held hostage…including the one singing. The Pleaser is the first protective self to be born over the infant to be pleasing and to get the love that it needs to survive. This can be the hardest self to see because we can be so identified to this self

Vibrational Medicine

Singing and sound has shaped my life.  Not unlike how iron filings arrange themselves into intricate patterns when placed on a flat metal plaque while being vibrated with sound-waves.  This study of wave phenomenon, called Cymatics, was the discovery of German scientist Hans Jenny in the 1930’s and most visually demonstrated the way that sound