Climbing to the Summit

Uncovering the Voice and Discovering Our Beauty – THE AUTHENTIC VOICE

(With excerpts from ‘Uncovering the Voice – Valborg Webeck-Scardstrom (1925)

“When the teacher and artist has turned towards research as the direction of the inner and spiritual, he enters on a path of slow and laborious wandering.  He is approaching experiences that will shake him, bring him pain, doubt, happiness – in short, everything that stirs a person most deeply in his soul.  In truth, he will not come easily to what must be called the research-results of his particular work.”

This process uncovers and discovers beyond words who we truly are in the spiritual sense of the word.  This process wakes up and shakes up what needs to be disturbed and brought to the surface for a renegotiation of truth or not truth.

By the activation of these subtle, inner landscapes of tongue, palates, jaw, mouth and head along with the eyes we wake up our unconscious cast aside parts of us to see with fresh eyes the world of magic within everything. It’s time.

“In the face of that which wills to manifest itself…”

Through the singing voice, this invitation and at the same time, demand, for us to step aside and allow this spiritual being to manifest itself through us like a gentle wind blowing away unnecessary gross material thoughts and structures.

This work as much as it is the connecting to the body, it is only then that we do this to prepare the body to allow this wind of the voice to blow through the body without the material body hindering any of the willful nature and trapping its invisible nature along the way.

“For truly whoever will climb up to that higher reality must step through a narrow portal, the portal of a new kind of sensibility.”

Access to this higher reality and this narrow portal can be thought of as the upper realms of the spiritual chakras in the sixth and seventh chakras, these are the portals and the opportunities.  It seems this is where the real work is to uncover and discover the wonders that are found here.  In the bat cave of our upper realms.   Because, as contrast is our guide, it illuminates our lower realms from which we are trapped inside of through beliefs and contracted, compressed trauma.

“The conditions for finding the real and the true is: to wait in humility and unshakable perseverance for those hours in which the deeper mysteries of the soul desire to reveal themselves.”

One of the goals among many, as I repeat myself over and over, is to develop a contrast between the belief that we are not beautiful and the experience of our beauty, directly.

To uncover and work through the levels that lie in the way of this beauty is the work of the Authentic Voice.  It is not for the faint of heart because of the earth shattering discovery and discoveries that beauty brings to our earthliness reveals nothing other than our divine essence.  And this is what we are covering over, hence the work of the Voice, to uncover the truth of who we are.

This uncomfortable and difficult journey of burning through these covers is slow and laborious if we are to be very honest, and we do need to be honest.

Everything it seems is two-fold.  The work of uncovering is at first to attach to and connect to this landscape of our earthly bones and body, before we are allowed even a smidgen of truth to shine through our bones and light up our minds.

The trap is that we stay there and stop the search for beauty, trading it in for the trappings and safety of our earth, our bones, our reality.  This is a necessary step, however, without a guide to keep us moving forward and upward towards beauty which awaits us, however, only a very few will reach these heights.  Like climbing Mount Everest, we lose a great deal of souls on the way up to the summit.

Through the stumbling and bumbling…

I recently did a YouTube interview with the retreat centre in Costa Rica that I will be teaching at in a couple of weeks, and, I had to really think about, What is the Authentic Voice? 

I went through quite a process to get to a deeper truth within myself, past all of the voices that said ‘pick me, pick me!’ and slowly got to a calmer, more truthful place within myself.  So I could trust myself to speak the truth, the real truth about what it is I do.  What I have worked towards for the past 25 years.  To uncover my voice and my truth not just in my singing voice, but within me.

You know you’re not on solid ground when what is being said needs to convince, talk them into it, try to pull them over to my side.  Yes, that’s the voice pleading and bargaining, ‘like me, like me!’  There were a few of those voices using all of my authentic voice information, but with a different hat on to disguise itself.  This voice says, ‘look, if you just put me out there I will protect you from saying anything stupid, okay!’  

And yes I was afraid of the stupid thing, and the stumbly thing, and the embarrassing thing…and, okay you get it.  But here’s what I feel now on the other side of this Appearance.  That we need to step into the Spotlight and set ourselves up for Courage and Truth to appear in all their glory.  Nothing can change without the risk, sorry, it’s just the way it is.  With this bravery comes all of the fears that are in the way of Truth.  Until they don’t.  Appear that is.

But when the fears rise up to protect us and we in turn grow up and around them simply by becoming aware of them, we become more able to burn through them.  Beginning to trust something that we don’t have control over, this truth will rise up within us.  I experienced this bursting Truth rising up through me pushing aside all of the riff raff of my fears, finally stepping to the forefront and getting the stage.

This voice is calm, unapologetic, unknowing yet knowing, it is not ahead of itself because it is so incredibly present.  It is thoughtful and wise and acting on my behalf in a very, loving way.  This is The Authentic Voice.  At one point in the video this voice said, (yes I know it’s me but just go with it) speaking from this voice meant that your life will have to change, that things will be said that are not welcome to everyone, that boundaries will be set that are hard.   But, also that it will be easier to ask for what you need and want, and you will be less apologetic in this asking.

Now, does this mean that this will always happen? That I won’t railroad myself anymore? That I am ‘all good’ now.  I somehow don’t think so.  Darn. We will just have to wait and see.


Vibrational Medicine

Singing and sound has shaped my life.  Not unlike how iron filings arrange themselves into intricate patterns when placed on a flat metal plaque while being vibrated with sound-waves.  This study of wave phenomenon, called Cymatics, was the discovery of German scientist Hans Jenny in the 1930’s and most visually demonstrated the way that sound shapes matter.

We are all being shaped by everything that is vibrating within us and around us and we are all making intricate patterns of our lives whether we mean to or not.

My musical shaping began at a young age singing with my Father in musicals and concerts where he was the feature singer and I sang in the chorus where I felt more comfortable and where I could blend in with other people.  I was a shy kid and when I was at home and wanted to sing, my shyness led me to the closet to sing with the doors closed.

And when I came out of that closet, I really came out.  For the next 15 years or so I would proceed to sing for my bread and butter and travel to various parts of the world singing in concert halls in China, smokey clubs in Finland and the UK, Jazz Kellers in Germany and United States.  I would become the first White Supreme in history backing up ‘Mary Wilson of the Supremes’ and saw the whole Motown era revisited through backstage eyes.  I performed a solo in David Foster’s song “Can’t You Feel It” at the 1988 Olympics in Calgary and wrote the World Games theme song 2001.   I recorded four albums and wrote three theme songs.

I was shaped by these events and created many intricate patterns within me which I would then spend the next 20 years re-harmonizing and re-turning back to a state of harmony within me from a state of dis-harmony.   These big events as amazing as they had been had impacted my body and my psyche to the point of exhaustion. My voice collapsed and so did I and  I was at a loss as to how to move forward in my life.

And so I listened. I became still. I took deep breaths and over time and to my surprise the voice that had been pointed outside of myself for others turned towards me and the healing sound of my own voice began to pour its medicine throughout my body and my being.

I know first hand the healing powers of the voice from the emotional, spiritual and soul levels.  I have spent years and years allowing my voice to penetrate and soften me to my core.  I have not done this because sound and singing brings relief from stress and anxiety, improved concentration and enhanced creativity.  I have not been trying to improve my vision or re balance my brain hemispheres, or increase alpha brainwave activity.  I have not been trying to access higher consciousness or move energy through stimulation of the cerebrospinal fluid increasing the kundalini life force.  All I have been trying to do, is. To. Feel.  Feel my voice moving through my body and waking it up piece by glorious piece.  I have done this to feel the beauty of my voice again and how it feels like every cell dances to the sound of one note and to remember how my body feels so open and alive after I sing. The voice lights up life and our whole being the way that nothing else can. Oh, and that other stuff is good too.

To conclude, here is a message from the director of the Association of Sound Healing Nestor Kornblum who says, “through the regular use of sound combined with intention we may begin to vibrate faster at a cellular or molecular level. This what is meant by “raise your frequency”. The higher rate of vibration creates larger spaces between the cells, making us less dense, and preventing negative or intrusive energies from sticking to us easily. In the 1930’s the medium Edgar Cayce predicted that sound would be the medicine of the future. That future is now. So let’s all raise our vibration to harmonize with the energies of this New Millennium!”

Like I said, all that other stuff is good too.