Shake off the nasty…

“We’re all afraid of the thing that already happened.” says Elizabeth Gilbert (Author of Eat, Pray, Love) That time a teacher or parent said THAT THING that wounds to the core of who we are. A creative wound. That THING that imprints our young bodies and creates a shut down for. Decades. How many people

The Whole sound system…Chakra Voice

The Chakra Voice series is a chance to take an overview of the whole system called the Chakra system and how I link the Voice with each level for the purpose of authenticity and wholeness. It is about the whole system coming together for a purpose and not separating out each chakra which is like taking

Being In Charge vs Being in Control

Our solar plexus is our location for power, projection and a sense of ‘a right to be here and to act’. This area of the body and all of it’s murky, empty, confusing or fighting energy is a huge contributor to whether a voice has a sense of itself, or not. When its present it