Be Still and Know…

BE STILL AND KNOW- The precision of the sound brings the stillness into being.  Like the threading of a needle we are asked to be extremely precise about where we are headed and where to place our attention. This knowing and confidence allows for stillness to be experienced. Again, it is from this space and

The Harmonic Way

August 22, 2013 The Harmonic Way – Living in Harmony & Balance By Anna Beaumont To be in harmony is to be in a state of agreement, of accord. It is the medium connecting and harmonizing two people together.  When we are in a state of true harmony we have agreed to invite the presence

“Healing Trauma Through Singing”

A Not-So-Known Benefit of Singing Certain sounds or noises can make us jump and react in a way that says to our nervous system, or, rather our nervous system says to us, Danger!  We are, for lack of a better term, hard-wired to this nervous system response to impending danger.  Some more than others.  Our