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Summer sound circles…


Wednesday’s JULY 6, 13 – 7:00 – 8:30 PM
$15 drop-in fee

Summer Sound

(Please rsvp there are only 8 spaces… Class held at Anna’s home please contact for address)


The purpose of the throat chakra, other than communication, is purification.  Expressing, clearing, getting rid of etc.  Expressing yourself through singing moves energy and opens the body to a greater level of vitality and aliveness in you. These circles are an opportunity for you to be seen and heard in a whole new way. 


Fall of 2016 Schedule coming soon!


**WINTER TERM: January 11th – March 21st
**SPRING TERM: April 11th – June 20th 
Class fees: $230 before January 5th (Winter) or April 5th (Spring) and $250 after.
This class is a 10-week program designed to help you uncover your Authentic Voice. Along with the above description of the Voice Connection work the classes are a study of certain qualities that the Authentic Voice requires in order for the natural beauty of the voice to appear.  Some of these qualities are: stability, flexibility, focus of the sound, beauty and depth and so on.  ‘As we do one thing we do all things’ is certainly true when it comes to the reflective power of the human voice and it’s capacity to mirror how we live our lives.


6324-106 STREET
**Winter Term:  January 5th – March 15th
**Spring Term: April 5th – June 21st
Class fees:
Winter and Spring terms:
Solo spot – $300 – The participant prepares a solo to sing at the end of term recital
The solo spot includes singing the chosen song in front of the group in a masterclass setting
“I believe in this solo experience as it challenges me, takes me to the edge, helps me to see my potential and also to know and embrace the blocks that I have created in my life.” Pam
Observer spot – $250 – You might want to come and partake in the classes but might not want to sing a solo.  The
Observer spot is a great way to do this.
The Tuesday class is broken down into sections.
7-7:45pm is the Authentic Voice work – Connecting to the voice and connecting the voice to the body to uncover your natural voice.  I use voice exercises to help this process but find that the voice let’s go naturally when we let go by way of connecting to ourselves.  The letting go occurs overtime through meditation, movement and developing an understanding of how energy flows through your body and how your voice wants to align with this energy-in-motion.  Your Authentic Voice is like a sculpture that we allow to reveal itself overtime with a great deal of allowing and permission.
I also spend time in class working with the Critical Voices that block this Authenticity from being realized.  Some of these voices are; the critic, the perfectionist, the pusher, the pleaser etc.
We usually cannot connect to the land of the body and the inner musical instrument of our voices until we address these crippling self doubting voices.
7:45 – 8:15pm  We work on developing the One Voice choir songs. We will usually work with 2 songs or more per term to sing at the recital and perform at a church or other opportunities that arise.
8:15 – 9:00pm – This time is for the solo singers.  I work with 3 singers a night for 15 minutes each.

The Authentic Voice appears when the instrument of the body let’s go to the voice and nothing of the bodily nature hinders it from flowing through.  The inner relationships of the masculine and feminine energies that play through the voice and body are explored to claim the opposite energy within us for balance of tone and alignment with the body.

Through voice and body exercises, simple chants, movement and developing awareness of the voice, your Authentic Voice will sing.

Whether your voice is weak and small or strong and bold your voice is reflecting something back to you from your life.  These classes are another way for us to discover authenticity in all areas of life from the direct and honest feedback our voices offer us.
The following photos are taken from some of the classes and from performances of the One Voice Choir

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