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The Authentic Voice Classes

How do you feel about your voice?
Do you like the sound of your voice?
Do you speak freely in your life?
Do you hold your voice and your opinions back in a group?
Are you honest about how you feel with others?
Do you know your boundaries? 
Are you afraid of your voice and what you might say? 
What happens inside of your body when you speak? 
​Are you aware of energy in you and around you? 

These are big questions in how we live our lives in relationship with ourself, and how we communicate with others. Communicating is complicated stuff often loaded with so many layers of feelings and unexpressed emotions. Finding your authentic voice is key to living a healthy and happy life. 
The Authentic Voice is an exploration of; authenticity, how we communicate with each other, singing, energy, and how life and the sound of our voice reflects who we are. 
The voice is a reflection from the connection‘ is a phrase I use to help people understand that our voice is simply reflecting how we are feeling in any given moment.
Discovering your Authentic Voice will change your voice, your relationships, and your life if you are willing…to Uncover.

An upcoming workshop on December 9th…discover the medicine inside your vibrational voice…



Tuesday’s Authentic Voice & One Voice – 7:00 -9:00 pm 

Fall session : september 5th – november 21st, 2017 

LOCATION : Class is held at Unity of Edmonton 11715-108 Avenue

Tuesday class is a class with the Authentic Voice work of meditation, vocal exercises, group and solo singing.  This is also where we learn songs to perform and offer in various situations through the One Voice Group.  

RECITAL – November 25th, 2017

There is a recital at the end of each session in which we sing the group songs and solo songs.  If you do not wish to sing a solo but partake in the rest of the class you would do an Observer Spot instead of a Solo Spot. 

The fee for this class for the solo is $325 and for the Observer is $275. 

 To register for this class please email or call 780.499.6707

Thursday’s Authentic Voice Class 12:00 – 1:30 pm 

fall session : September 7th – November 16th, 2017

This class is held at Anna’s Authentic Space Studio and is a small group of 6-8 singers who wish to work on their voices and prepare solo’s for the Recital on November 25th.


From the Philia Centre in Costa Rica – A testimonial from Vivian from Argentina


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“Anna created the perfect environment – warm, friendly, and inviting. I felt safe to explore and experiment. Her approach allowed me to coax my voice out from shy hiding, swirl it within my body, and pay attention and intention to where in my body my voice was picking up energy. My voice emerged like I had not heard it before! Was that me?!?! My goal of pushing my comfort level with my singing voice was absolutely accomplished. Thank you Anna for your guidance, wisdom, and openness. I highly recommend this class to anyone who wishes to make a connection with their voice.”  Niki Sibera – 

 To register for this class please email or call 780.499.6707

 About the Authentic Voice Classes….

The Authentic Voice classes are an opportunity for people to re-connect to their inner authenticity and have this truth reflected outwards through the singing voice. This takes some doing, and, some undoing of what we have been swallowing in our lives. The need to be perfect, the need to accomplish and to be everything for everyone.  
As we undo these inner knots to our truth more and more authenticity begins to shine through the sound of our voice, we just can’t help it. This magic is alive and well inside of us all. The Authentic Voice is a way to reconnect to it and then be seen in the expression of it.

“In this moment right now, this love comes to rest in me.”

Connecting to your bodies energy field and then bringing sound to this field is a very grounding and clearing experience indeed. These classes are very helpful for you find your Authentic Voice in every sense of the word.  To tune into your self and trust your inner voice and then to speak your outward Authentic Voice. Singing is the tool for this, not the goal, but the medium between the worlds of inner and outer experience.  

“Out beyond ideas of right and wrong doing there is a field, I will meet you there.”

If you are singer and want to improve your singing then you will gain more presence to your voice and this will in turn build your outward presence in your voice.  If you are someone who wishes to connect with the here and now, then this is another way of doing it that adds the aspect of sound to meditation to strengthen and ground who you are in the world of form.  

The classes are a combination of meditation connection, vocal exercises, group songs, understanding and experiencing the chakra system and opportunities to sing in front of a supportive group.  The emphasis is on the feeling and presence of energy as a guide to allowing the voice to drop further into your being, therefore creating more Authenticity. 

“Drop in, drop down, through and all around, into this Holy Ground.”

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