Voice and Body Alignment Class

Alignment Classes

MONDAY’S 11:00- 12:00PM  

A Physical and Vocal Health Class 

Align Mind, Voice & Body

Bite size exercises to strengthen your nervous system and not push!

**Complimentary Class – April 9th Please rsvp  APRIL 9TH – JUNE 25TH
Class held at Storefront Studio 6324-106 Street

♥ $20 drop-in for those who are not in any classes or $150 for 10 punch card ♥ $15 drop-in for those who are in the Tuesday or Thursday class or $100 for 10 punch card


April 9, 16, 30 May 7, 14, 28 June 4, 11, 18, 25 July 9

More about how the ‘Alignment class’ came to be…

Why did you start this class?

Over the years I have discovered some simple but effective voice and body exercises that have been helpful for me not only as a singer but as someone wanting to align my flow of energy with my whole being.

I believe physical exercise alone is not enough and we need to not only move and release energy but align energy in a vertical way with the mind, body and voice.   Toning or singing helps to light up the body in a way that nothing else can and guides our attention into waking up parts of the body that are out of our consciousness such as the; solar plexus, throat, palates, tongue and face.

Because of so much fear of our voice and all the triggers of not sounding good, not being seen and heard etc, we have negated and misunderstood this region of the body and have been missing out on the vibrational potency here.   Our throat is part of the climb upwards in our body ladder to the frontal lobe and away from the triggers of our reptilian brain (hind brain).  Aligning the consciousness of the mind, the third-eye and crown with the throat/voice in a more integrated way.  This is the Voice and Body Alignment class.

Participants will gain an emotional intelligence throughout the classes to help them align to their energy throughout the week.



Flow of energy – the river   /  Focus of your mind – the awareness / Structures of your body – the banks of the river holding and guiding the river

Your emotion – energy-in-motion

/ life-force / aliveness / vitality / charge / flow / sexuality / creativity