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Understanding and Activating the Chakras with Your Healing Voice.

Discover The Chakras and Your Healing Voice! Tune Into Your Chakras with Your Healing Voice, using awareness, breath and sound (voice).

Experience your body in a whole new light! Using the sound of your voice we will journey through the chakras, activating more energy and vitality for your life!

YOUR HEALING VOICE – Part of the Sunday Soul Circle Series, Anna Beaumont will lead us on an exploration of the healing power of sound through the vibrational frequencies of your own voice.
Come and explore your body and it’s healing relationship with sound, light and emotion.

Experience flow in your body and medicine in your brain!

What is a healing note? A note that lights up your whole body and sets into motion healing energy.

Singing charges the brain. There is nothing quite like your brain on vibration from your own voice. Like a battery it lights us up in all the right places and sends and distributes light energy up and down the spine. Amazing!

“Like one pure drop of water, one note dropped into your body can open you to what you really are.”