as above so below

If you sing or if you want to sing and you haven’t yet faced the mountain that is in the way of your authentic singing voice then welcome. This path of finding your voice is one way over the mountain you have built up in front of your true, authentic voice, your power and your birthright to be here and know yourself fully in your creativity and expression.

All you need do is think about singing in front of people and the mountain appears before you. The mountain of doubt, shame and insecurity.

You may have seen the mountain before, maybe many times and maybe you have turned away from it, from it’s demands and commands, and yet here you are again standing before it. Before the greatness of yourself, terrified, daunted but somehow this time you are willing.

Willing to stand in the heat and the fire of what needs to burn away inside of you to make space for your true voice to ring and shine outwards for all to hear.

Trembling, weak in the knees you proceed…welcome to The Voice Connection.

Classes are starting up pretty quick so if you are wondering if this is for you take a read of some articles on the Now and Zen page here or just give me a call. 780.499.6707 and I am happy to have a chat with you.