Singing teaches us to let go, so they say, to let go of control and be free. The irony in this is that singing actually teaches us to connect. Connect to ourselves more deeply than we ever have. To put ourselves back together, IMG_0301like humpty dumpty. We’ve all had a fall. These pieces inside of us need connecting and to learn to work together as a whole unit.

If there is a ‘letting go’ it’s in controlling this deep connection from happening at all. It’s something we have inside of us that we connect to, not a dis-connecting and letting go to a vague ‘something out there’, but, right here, right now, inside of you, waiting for you, that’s the connection.

This yearning, this longing for surrender and letting go is a calling to us to connect, and the singing voice is one ways of knowing the truth of this, all the way down and through. It’s the safest place you’ll ever know. Your own Self.