Singing wakes us up. It’s brings energy and aliveness to those sleepy, unconscious places inside of us that, for whatever reason, lost consciousness. Parts of us as we get older slip as above so belowout of our awareness and we can become ‘comfortably numb’. We plod along with the Jones’ and get by and bit by bit, however, part by part we lose our body awareness and the subtleties and wonder that we had when we were kids.

The subtleties are where the magic lives. It’s in the dew drop on a leaf, the dust hanging in the air, a blade of grass, a bee on a flower and in the sound of a voice waking up. We recognize the magic in nature because it’s inside of us and we are in touch with it. As within as without; a beautiful reflection of our inner subtle awareness.

Using vibration and the sound of our own voice to actively wake up pieces of ourselves is to realign again with nature, with what is naturally flowing through us all the time and to court it. I sing you too me. I feel you through me. I see you in me. As within as without. As above, so below.