The above quote comes from Anne Barring’s new book “The Dream of the Cosmos”, and sums up for me what it feels as though I have going through, under and over for the past twenty or so years.

A new student asked me today after a voice/body session: “so what is it we did today so I can tell others what you are doing?“.  I loved the question and had to consider for quite a time before responding.  I said, in a manner of words, “I am helping you to align with what is natural and flowing through you at all times, your feminine emotional energetic body.  This feminine flowing nature has been pushed down, tortured, violated and been made wrong as history will tell us.  The opportunity is to unite and join the two energies of masculine and feminine natures together so they can express this unification through the singing voice.   The mechanical/masculine nature of structure together with the flowing nature of the emotional feminine. To offer a remembrance to them and to remind them of that which is their, your true nature, your oneness with nature and spirit. 

Your voice will reflect this connection or lack thereof in any given moment, and, like an internal weather system your voice will report the inner well being of your body, your land.  My experience with the singing voice, the vital energy centers of the body; the chakras, the work of Integrative Body Psychotherapy and the brilliant work of Hal and Sidra Stones ‘Voice Dialogue’ all help me in promoting this knowing and flowing back to our true emotional nature.” 

This new vessel that Anne Barring speaks of to hold the new wine is exactly what we ‘who are in enough pain’ are doing to birth a new way of being that is inclusive in nature, not the exclusivity of the Patriarchal consciousness but a marriage between the two worlds.  These worlds are; spirit and matter, feminine and masculine, light and dark, yin and yang, body and soul, heaven and earth and the list goes on.  The opposites occur in nature and reflect life, and, the balance that is required for the heart chakra to begin to speak its love language to us.

We have been operating from one side of nature; the masculine Patriarchal side and negating the divine feminine energy that is necessary to balance the equation.  What is so wonderful about the singing voice is that is tells the truth completely about where we are on this light and dark spectrum at all times.  It is a tangible representation of this new vessel, this new body that we can mold, excavate, shape and create alchemical transformations inside of.

Using the vibrational energy of the voice, the flowing emotional body (energy-in-motion) and the light of our minds the voice simply responds by displaying where we are on this spectrum of light and dark in its tone, color and vibrancy.  Voice teachers call this dichotomy of light and dark the ‘head voice and chest voice’.  I believe it is a representation of the marriage of the two worlds of spirit and matter and heaven and earth, the embodiment of both coming through the voice.  For me when the voice is in its most natural flowing state it has no separation, it becomes one voice, and the marriage is represented within the colors of the voice, dancing its way through the vocal range.

This experience is a reflection from the connection of our whole entire being and is a slow, alchemical process of bite size changes that have occurred over a long period of time. The process requires time and patience and a lot of grit.

It’s worth it.

For the Love of Sound