I help people to connect to their natural flow of expression and communication by aligning their energy in their body and subsequently their voice back to it’s natural direction of flow.  When we are aligned with our true nature our voice expresses  itself naturally as well.The Voice Connection and Express Yourself group classes are a way in which we can practice and encourage this natural path of expression.  When we align with this natural path our singing voice will flow naturally as well.  Through awareness, and voice practices we can begin to communicate to others directly what we are trying to say.  The communication then can come from this whole being alignment. An alignment with our natural flow of energy, our energy-in-motion (emotions) which we can then express outwards.

The habits that we have formed in our communication style, if they are not in alignment with this natural flow, are usually developed from childhood and seem natural to us, but they are normal and habituated but not natural and honest.

If we do not align back to our natural truth our communication is usually loaded with innuendo, small manipulations and sideways messages that hurt us and those who we are speaking to.  It does not mean that everyone will be ‘happy’ with us, but at least they will know what we really mean, versus, what we can try to get them to decipher through some kind of wonky code that we have developed over the years to ‘cope’ with others.

This ‘knowing what we really mean’ is a slow process of listening to yourself and what you really want and need versus what others want for you or need you to be for them to be okay.
In the classes we use the singing voice as a medium to this natural flowing state and then to connect to others.  It also will become quite apparent what is in the way of this connection. Through connection to your body and developing awareness of how energy works you can learn to balance your voice with this flow and heal what is in the way of it’s natural flowing state.

The language of energy, connection and emotional intelligence is a relatively new language for many of us and some are not even aware that there are other ways of being.  For us to continue to evolve as a species we must learn this language of the heart and to feel it, express it and then learn to live by it.  The heart can bear it all.