Relationships can be difficult.  But how do we get to a new level of awareness with each other and learn to respond to each other in ways that are more effective and not injurious?  How do we return to a state of accord, of agreement and re-tune to harmony with each other?
We will explore the ‘relationships’ between the notes and the space that is created when ‘the relationship’ appears between two people.  I have been exploring these relationships in music and harmony for several years and find it is a very non-invasive way to connect people in ways that are quite surprising and delightful to experience as well as to participate in.

*You do not need to be a singer for this to inform you, in fact it is better if you are not.

The Harmonic Way – by Anna Beaumont

Music, harmony, rhythm & tone is this medium and has the natural ability to teach us the way back home to our true nature.  It is the remembrance of these laws that reflect the order of nature and right thinking that is a trusted guide on this life journey away from a life of chaos and disharmony towards (two-forward) to a life of harmony.The laws of music, harmony & rhythm cannot forget their true nature and therefore we must use them to re-learn again what is natural inside of us.

For relationships to become harmonious instead of disharmonious. To learn the rhythm and flow of life that exists in music so that we may bring this knowing to our lives and teach other the Harmonic Way. Harmony in life is found in relationships between two people as well as in music.  The notes that are spoken between them dance in the music of either harmony or disharmony.

The two notes together, or the two people together, create two notes that are either; harmonious, chaotic, separate, dissonant, or detached.  This reflects through the conversation and body language in the voice as; tone, rhythm & pitch. To study the laws of harmony is invaluable in expanding our awareness to know when we are being harmonious or disharmonious, rhythmic or going against rhythm, being in tune or out of tune in our relationships.  This relationship that is reflected outside of ourselves with another person exists inside of us.

Our inner harmonious or disharmonious relationship that we have accrued through the years in the form of beliefs and defenses is reflected in the outer relationships and brings a certain musicality that we express consciously or unconsciously.

The singing voice is a reflection from this inner connection that I speak of here.  It acts as a barometer to connect us moment by moment to our body’s emotionally intelligent communication system; we change like the weather, and our singing voice is the intelligent measurement of this change.

The intelligence of sound, singing and music will be the most commonly used modality for healing in the future.  It contains the wholeness, harmony and balance of life. To experience our wholeness is to experience our singing voice, our breath, and all the life that is living and vibrating within us, around and through us.