Finding Your Edge…Boundaries and the Singing Voice

Our voice is a reflection from our connection. What does this mean exactly? What connection? What am I reflecting? Our voices are telling on us all the time through our resonance, power and tone or lack thereof. You know what it’s like when you feel under-the-weather and your voice reflects this. When you feel vulnerable, maybe weak your voice reflects this. Is there something wrong with my voice? No. The voice just reflects the inner barometer of the internal weather system, it’s not personal. The voice, the Queen of the body acting for the needs and wants for the land, is just doing her job.

Then there is the hidden habit that we all have in how we are living our lives and throwing off our power to others. By undermining ourselves, by making ourselves small, by doing things for others that we don’t want to do etc. This is how we lose power, and of course our voice reflects this ‘habit’.

It is insidious and hidden and we don’t even know we are doing it, maybe the big painful sacrifices but not the subtle ones. It has become a way of life, to sacrifice ourselves for others to get the love we didn’t get.

It’s painful, old, manipulative, and needs to change don’t you think? Our voice is reflecting this lack of power and we think it’s our voices problem, no it’s not. We have a say on our choices and finding a new edge that is good for us and no-one else. This is brave and can seem heartless, but consider the alternative, how’s that going?

There comes a time when things need to change and get right side up again. Putting my needs and my desires first is right side up. It gives others permission to do the same. Your singing voice and your life will reflect this power, this permission in your bones. It will resonate with this permission and others will hear it. No you will not be alone. No you are not doing anything wrong.

There are soft edges and hard edges and everything in-between. Find your edge, it might be uncomfortable but you will reap the rewards of this new courage and feel more alive, more excited and you will be able to sing with conviction and power. It might be messy at first, oh well, don’t let the perfectionist tell you it’s gotta be perfect, it won’t be.

The singing voice needs a container for it to resonate inside of, not unlike a bell. Our bodies are our bell and the energetic space around us is the resonant space of the bell. When we lose our power we lose our place to resonate inside of, to reside inside. “The power of decision is my own”, from a Course in Miracles. Indeed. Find your edge, find your voice, what the heck.