sound and lightI teach self expression through connecting to yourself through singing, meditation and movement.  I have been doing so for close to twenty years. This has been a training ground for me to learn how to teach what it is that I need to know for myself. For years I performed and toured throughout parts of the world, and at home, and along the way I lost myself. I lost myself to what I thought were the expectations of my audience, and in this I lost what I loved the most; the simple joy of singing and being.

Losing my voice was a gift in disguise. I lost my voice and found the key to going within myself and finding myself again slowly, piece by piece. Along with this movement inward was the return of my voice.  It sounds trite, to find oneself and I would’ve thought that years ago, but I feel differently now. I know that heaven exists here on earth, inside of this vessel of my body, all the way from the ground to the crown. Over these years I have gone to work and built a new vessel, a new instrument for this voice to shine out from, or maybe I simply uncovered and peeled away that which couldn’t withstand the light of love.

Over the years as a piece of myself came back through voice and body exploration, I would offer it to my students, and overtime I found I had compiled many, many pieces. Pieces to a very large puzzle, the puzzle to my wholeness. The pain in my body was my guide to each puzzle piece and my singing voice along with my developing awareness was the salve and the key to healing and integrating each piece. A line from one of my songs speaks to this. “There’s a way back and there’s a way through that doesn’t leave behind any part of you.”

The purpose of the Crown chakra is to understand, to stand-under this knowledge that is here right now. Over the years I have stood-under this knowledge and let it teach me a whole new love language. There is an intelligence inside of us that is emotional and energetic in nature and reflects the colors of the rainbow inside of our bodies. Everything in nature is flowing and vibrating and this flowing power exists within us, if we listen.  It is the ancient system of the 7 chakras, and the vital universal energy that feeds them . It is our opportunity to know heaven on earth. This is our heaven on earth and this is the pointer back to our loveliness.

However there is one catch. One of the keys to this system is the singing voice. It represents the magic of heaven and ironically, this magic terrifies us. The singing voice is the medium through which we must go through this system in order for us to truly connect to each level. It is the direct experience of our light playing inside of our earthly bodies.  It has the potential to penetrate our bodies and to bring back the light if we are willing.  It doesn’t matter what you think of your voice.  It only matters that you be-friend it and let it help you.

It is an opportunity to at once face our fears and to embrace a beauty inside of us that is immeasurable. Where spirit and matter meet, where sound and light connect.  It is the fear and the beauty all rolled into one. Your voice, your beautiful voice. It wants out and it has tremendous healing powers if you will allow it to be. It will assist you in cracking your shell, the cast that you have over you to block your light from shining outwards and consequently giving others permission to do the same. It wants to free you from your fears of it’s power. It is innocent, as are you.

We are all trying to find our way the best we can, all of us are gathering pieces of the puzzle and moving forward the best we can. Sometimes when the pieces fit together I catch a glimpse of heaven on earth and I smile.