The Voice is a Reflection of The Connection – by Anna Beaumont

‘There is only one shot that is in perfect harmony with the field’, says the actor in the movie, Bagger Vance, a movie about golfing and life.  What is the field? The field is the whole of consciousness and energy.  Our intent creates the field before us, however, the sentence above is suggesting there is only one shot that is in perfect harmony with the field.  hmm, interesting.

We can be aware of a feeling or a sensation, our thoughts, the sound of the voice and how your voice makes you feel inside.  I can be aware of the sounds in the room, the clock ticking, my feet on the floor, my beating heart.  All of these points of awareness make up the field.  The sound of the singing voice can be listened to from two different points of view.  One, subjectively, from the listeners opinions and judgments, secondly, objectively, just accepting it as it is as an experience of being there in time and space.

In order to understand objectively we need to know what it means to have a wide-angle lens of awareness, taking in information and widening our lens.  Wherever my attention goes my energy flows and my voice will reflect that connection or lack thereof.

“There is a perfect shot that is in alignment with the field, it takes focus to make that authentic shot, that one shot that’s yours. You have to see that place with your soul, don’t think about it, but feel it.”  Again from the movie, Bagger Vance.  It requires the focus of awareness for the flow of feeling energy to find the freedom of being in this part of your body.  This is the making of the authentic singing voice; a voice that is connected to the field of awareness that that person has available to him or her in any given moment.  This includes feeling sensations, emotions and vibration.

This development of awareness and presence will be reflected in the singing voice.  The more she is able to be in harmony with a larger field of awareness the more beautiful and full her voice will sound.  It will reflect the connection.  The awareness, the attention and the focus are all synonymous for the atmosphere and quality in which we are attend to ourselves and to the field.  I can be aware of my chest and breathe here but my awareness might be harsh and forceful.  I can also place the focus into my chest and intend an atmosphere of love and acceptance here.

“Focus and don’t see a dragon at the end that you need to slay but see with soft eyes see where the tides and the seasons and the turning of the earth all come together.””There is a perfect shot trying to find us.”  There is a perfect note that reflects this connection that is trying to find us.  It wants to know itself and it wants us to get out of our own way so that it can choose us to know itself.

The note or notes knows better than I.  We intend what we want, then work together with the field to create it.  We accept what is happening now inside of us and we bring this with us.  We don’t step around it, or sing over it, above it or below it, but, include it into our field of awareness, it is all from the same field of Oneness anyway.  A field for thought. Our task is to bring all of us into consciousness, so we can make beautiful music from our whole Being.