I am discovering that the disconnection in women is the equivalent to the black hole.  This disconnection to our bodies, our feelings, our most intimate and precious energy that flows inside of us.  I speak this to you not in judgement but having had a kind of slap in the face with it all.  I am in shock.  I was talking about feeling sensations and anything that the group could notice in their bodies, and then they began to share that they felt nothing.  That the majority of them felt, wait for it, nothing.  This was a very important and brave sharing and took some courage to speak out loud. This is a start, a beginning.  A beginning for what?  To connect to the essence that lives and breathes us every moment of every day.  Sometimes I think I assume that because I feel the things I do that others do as well.  I have done years and years of work to reclaim this territory of my body, and I still have some to go, but I had a huge realization last night.  That if one doesn’t actually do the work to connect to their bodies that the disconnect is so great in our society, that it will likely never happen.  We have settled, like we went to court, had a trial, and as a collective, we decided we were going to be.  Good.  Polite.  Obedient.

It is our right as women to claim back our bodies, for ourselves first, for our children, for our Mother’s who couldn’t, and for our Grandmother’s who most certainly couldn’t. ​ Our bodies are our emotional centres, our location of good feelings and where our connection to pleasure resides.  The feminine in truth is connected to everything in nature that is flowing and alive, everything, and this is living inside of us right now.  It feels like felt beauty, like everything is erotic and sensuous.  Its feels all movement inside as this beauty and all that is creative.

Our disconnection from this flowing power that lives inside of us is the status quo, the go to, the norm.  I am here holding for you this divine feminine flowing power as a reminder to you of the real MISSING PEACE, the part of us that has been robbed, taken, oppressed and pushed down.  We have been burned, raped, tortured and stoned for our powers, for speaking out, and now they have won.  We are mute, quiet, polite and dead.   And worst of all, disinterested.

If we do not give this any importance then it will never ever rise up from within us, this right to feel and live with aliveness.  It is incredibly simple, this feeling connection, but buried in us as a whole.  My classes are many things, but this waking up of the feminine and giving her her voice back is indeed the reason I do these classes.

Start where you are now.  Right this moment and notice sensations and feelings that arise.  It’s messy yes, but these are your pointers out of the deep deep sleep of your feminine power.  Wake her up. Now.