Building Presence with Breath & Sound

10-5pm December 12th at Healing Connections

I am offering a workshop on Building Presence with Breath & Sound on December the 12th at Healing Connections, and as a preview of the workshop I will be doing an hour workshop 6-7pm next Monday the 7th also at Healing Connections.

Drop-In Preview session – December 7th @ 6-7pm at Healing Connections
The $20 cost for this hour will go towards your fee for the day workshop on the 12th if you decide to take it.
The day will also focus on building presence through tapping into the nervous system with breath and sound and then sitting in attention to how you respond with a certain amount of charge or aliveness in your being.
What we do with this Presence (charge, aliveness, energy) is very important.
Inside of this aliveness we will explore the difference between power and Presence. To exude a Presence without the need to have power over anyone.

If we are not used to holding onto good feelings we will most likely spill them through various ways; spending, talking, sex, eating, etc.

Find out how you let go of your charge (Presence) by understanding containment, speed limits and how you can build and sustain your Presence.
Please let me know if you have any questions. 780-499-6707 /