We are in a new era of awareness, a new way of being that is slowly coming to light and part of this new way I feel is for us to come to understand sound and singing in a whole new way.  We need to wake up to the potential of the voice and it’s powerful healing capacity. Period.  We know it’s good to sing in a choir and there are lots of great benefits that our bodies get from that but what, sing in a choir?  Yoga has introduced some people to toning, and having taught singing to yogis in training, the same beliefs and fears are also in this world, only more hidden.

Singing has been about how well you can sing, or not sing and not about the simple fact that everyone has a voice that can access the whole body in a very healing way through the voice.  The belief seems to be that some people can sing and some people can’t and if I don’t think I can then I’d better leave it to those who can.  There are the inner and outer critics in and around us which closes down our ability to access a profound beauty and vulnerability that our voice has access to.  This inner criticizing has also shut down the natural expression of the voice and its free and playful healing nature.

“Oh you teach people to sing, how nice for you. That’s so sweet.” Singing is something you get to do if you are a child or retired or if you are really special you sing in front of people and get to offer your ‘gift’.   Hearing a powerful singer connect to their emotions through their voice is incredibly beautiful and moving for anyone who hears it, noone can deny the power of this expression of the voice.  However it has simply been the only point of singing for most of us in this part of the world and not the prayer of love that is standing before us all.

Even if you are singing the critic’s, the pleaser’s and the tyrants inside of us stop any enjoyment form going on anyway. Apparently enjoying our voices is some kind of crime that is punishable by well, us and it seems everyone has an opinion about your voice. The simple idea of enjoying the sound of my voice and how it feels inside of my body has not been embraced.  The benefits of how the voice moves the energy inside of us and causes us to feel and to connect with ourselves are bountiful.  Over the years yoga has really been established for its healing benefits and immense importance in our well being.  I believe that in the near future sound and singing will lead the way in the well being movement as the ultimate way to connect to mind, body and spirit.

The disconnection and judgement that we have on our voices along with the old paradigm of ‘I can sing so the only option I have is to sing publicly or join a choir’,  has got to change because we are MISSING THE POINT ENTIRELY!! The healing and penetrative powers of your voice, and I mean everyone’s voice is unmatched.  It has the potential in one note to connect you to your wholeness in a way that seems too easy for it to be real.  The power of your attention and your mind has this capacity yes, but most often we don’t have the awareness of what it actually feels like to connect this deeply with ourselves and singing is the direct experience of ourselves and the love and beauty that we actually are. It is this inner joy reflected outwards.

Singing is about our ability to receive.  To be able to allow something to penetrate us and move and shake us, and singing does this if we allow it.  To be able to receive this joy and beauty our voice reveals for ourselves, and not think that our voices are to impress others or to make your parents proud, finally.  It is for my overall well being that I sing and enjoy the benefits that it brings me.

Singing in the way I am speaking can bring about an instant connection of well being if we could allow it.  And what it can do to our nervous systems in bringing a whole new concept of what rest means inside is again, unmatched.  Your healing voice in one note acts like an authority inside of you that sends ripples throughout your whole being that say’s, ‘REST’.  Not unlike a ripple on water it continues to ripple out a healing affect of rest and relaxation throughout your whole body that you did! Not a massage therapist or another sort of guru but you, the healing sound of your own voice along with an intention of trusting something greater.  With the deep rest also comes an aliveness in the form of a subtle vibration that is the life force playing inside of you.  Intentional singing strengthens this field that is alive in and around us and we can play it with the sound of our voice. If you sing it, it will come.  (sorry I had to :o)

The voice is indeed powerful but it also needs to be revealed to itself and taken seriously because it has so many old beliefs on it that stops it from being touched at all.  It’s all that ‘I hate the sound of my own voice stuff’, that again completely misses the mark!

Your Authentic Voice, uncovered to reveal the beauty of who you are.  In one note you can connect to your wholeness like never before.  It’s not about singing, and it is about singing.  It’s about the impact and the resonating affect of this one note that changes everything about what you believe.  It brings a whole new paradigm of what is possible not only with the sound of your voice and its potential but your own capacity to grow and let go of what you have come to believe about yourself, which is false.  So false.  We are terrified of the sound of our own voice for reasons that don’t make sense anymore and cannot hold up to the light of our awareness anymore.  It’s not our voices we are really afraid of, it’s who we are and what we are capable of.  That’s what we are afraid of and our voices tap into this potential so powerfully that we put it away and hide it from the light of day.  Because it will CHANGE YOU to touch this potential.

We need to develop a tolerance for our own light and this light can be accessed by the voice.  Like one pure drop of healing water, one drop of a note into your entire willing being can open you to who you are. For a moment.  We have grown so accustomed to deflecting ourselves that we need to begin to build this muscle of sound and vibration steadily and slowly for it to really work in us in a lasting way.  For us to really the receive the healing gifts of ourselves we must burn through what is in the way.  I believe that the power of the healing voice is a conduit and the authority that can access our potential in a instant and for an eternity.