Singing is the magic and wonder of this world in full expression of itself and it’s inside of every one of us.  Forget what they might have told you, it is inside of you too.  When we sing we tap into a potent healing power that can heal yourself and those around you.  As well as it’s obvious beauty singing can calm, stimulate and charge your nervous system at the same time.  Singing connects us with others in the universal language of music and vibration and it connects us to our bodies, our feelings and our joy.

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To fully realize your voice is to know yourself and your vocal instrument; body, mind and spirit.  To be free and to sing without fear is indeed a journey of self-discovery in this life and one that I believe is worth taking.  Our voice never lies and will always tell us our inner weather barometer of what we are feeling, thinking and living. Our voice reflects our life. The question is are we listening what it is saying?

Inside your vocal range of highs and the lows, lies the treasure of your emotional spectrum of light which offers us a chance to sing and live in full color. We all have the capacity to sing high, low and in the middle even though we may not have access to it all right now.  Every note requires a ground of being and body for its existence, a place to land to find its resonance.  Every note impacts our bodies in some way and every note reflects our bodies emotional availability or lack thereof.  When a note can’t land it doesn’t have a platform to resonate inside of. That platform or land is our whole body instrument or as Valborg Webeck-Svardstrom, singer and author of Uncovering the Voice  says, “it (the body) could be called an extended larynx.”

Our dormant potential lies within us and to tune into this potential is to dive in and unlock the treasure that is buried within us through our voices range of colors and light.  Each note that we sing has the potential to unlock a feeling that has been held with us for a long time, and each note that is unavailable to us in terms of range and colour is holding this hidden treasure for us until we unlock it. Our voice is the reflection of our emotional palate, we all have the colors, we’re just not using all of them.

Our vocal spectrum includes the low rich tones in the depths of our body, to the crystal clear angelic quality of the high notes as well as the beauty and warmth that reflects the heart in the middle area of our voice.  The lows, the highs and the middle areas are all reflecting a part of who we are inside and how we live our life.  Where do you live in your range of being?

When pain and shock occurs in our lives we do what has been modeled to us by our parents and society and we absorb this shock and trauma in our bodies, we hide it. Instead of our bodies being instruments of light and love our bodies become shock absorbers.  This absorption takes up a lot of disc space in our mind and body where the free play of light might have once been.  It stops the river from running smoothly within us and as a consequence of this over time we lose our vocal and emotional range, and our joy.

It is no easy task to unlock this treasure inside because we have so much invested in keeping our treasure buried and not being able to access the feelings that are in the way of this gold. We buried our treasure a long time ago but we forgot where we buried it, and, we lost the key, and, well, we lost the map.  But mostly we forgot we had treasure in the first place.

It is one thing to know this but another thing to find it.  In front of this pain are guards that won’t let you near it.  We think the guards are in front of the treasure and that we just have to go past the guards to the treasure, but the guards are keeping you away from the pain that is in front of the treasure.

Our voice is the light that can guide us into the cave to find our hidden treasure.  Our task is to explore the territory of our range and the movement of notes up and down and in the middle with curiosity not fear, and with the light of a miner going into a cave, only seeing a few feet in front of us.   We will go through and meet the obstacles that are tests to see if we really want to find the treasure.  One step at a time, one note at a time.  Claim your territory, your land, your light and claim your voice.

We need to take others with us to show us their light as we show ours.  It is in the shining of your light that I see the treasure that I am missing and yearn for. This buried treasure is our vocal emotional range of being, which awaits us, which beckons us. The light of our voice and the light of who we are are like magnets pulling towards each other.  Trust this attraction and allow them to come together, to pull us closer to the truth of who we really are.

“Let yourself be silently drawn by the stronger pull of what you really are.” Hafiz