Someone asked me recently ‘what is it that makes your lessons and classes different from regular voice lessons? ‘ 

I had to think a while on that for a while, but what I realized is that in general we have been raised and trained with the teacher and student system.  You go to class and learn something from someone and that’s the way it is all the way through life. Overtime we can stop trusting our own inner voice and we become habituated to wanting the answer outside of ourselves.  Please tell me what to do! We abdicate our own thrown of knowing.  

Yes I do ‘teach’, but mainly in the Authentic Voice it is about you re-discovering your own inner knowing and connecting to the innate wisdom that is inside of you. It is a development of trust.  It’s outside of the rules of what should be and what shouldn’t be. It’s messier but in the long run it’s better this way.  The strength and courage and inner self shine that comes out of your trusting yourself is priceless. 

“Out beyond ideas of right and wrong doing there is a field, I will meet you there.’ Rumi