Our solar plexus is our location for power, projection and a sense of ‘a right to be here and to act’. This area of the body and all of it’s murky, empty, confusing or fighting energy is a huge contributor to whether a voice has a sense of itself, or not.
When its present it feels like a built in boundary that comes through the voice. When we are activated in a balanced way here we feel energized, alive and in Charge.
When we are feeling ‘control’, that’s a whole different kettle of fish! The solar plexus or what I call the Fireplace, feels tight and rigid when we are fighting the moment, defending from it, rather than finding a sense of charge or energy to deal with it.   Singing is one of the best ways to show us in truth the difference between the charge versus the control because in the control the diaphragm, the breathing muscle will become rigid and lock up and so will the sound of the voice, in a sense of ‘charge’ the sound of your voice will become charged with energy and vitality!