The Chakra Voice series is a chance to take an overview of the whole system called the Chakra system and how I link the Voice with each level for the purpose of authenticity and wholeness.

It is about the whole system coming together for the purpose of wholeness and not separating out each chakra which is like taking the liver out and expecting it to survive on its own, when it is part of a whole system. The throat chakra works with the whole system and that is the work of Chakra Voice, to knit it together for the purpose of developing authentic communication. 

It’s all about the message, the communication and becoming clearer and clearer like polishing a stone over and over and in that what we want, need and aspire to shines so clean and clear in us over time.

Each level is a building block to take care of, understand and deliver this message. From safety and trust in the first chakra which brings a grounded feeling and with this safety allows the emotional energy to flow in the second chakra bringing life force, vitality and ignites a commitment to our message. The solar plexus fireplace helps further with this commitment bringing fire and passion to the message helping us feel confident in who we are, which in turn feeds the sense of safety inside of us, which of course facilitates the flow of energy.

The air inside of the heart space helps to expand this message and breathe new life into everything we say as well as bringing compassionate space and respect to every word spoken. The Queen of the throat becomes easy as the inner support of the body is reflected outwards bringing a rhythm between two people and their communication. The lighthouse of the third eye supports the message shining light and clarity to reveal even more truth through and beyond the words being said opening up a clearer path forward for both.

This process then all uncovers meaning and understanding in the Crown of our body, the seventh chakra, the Observatory which in turn strengthens the whole system and again builds safety, trust and ground for a whole embodiment to occur.

This Authentic Voice creating and expressing in every moment a reflection of the whole inner being with simplicity and ease.  Quite simply, the Truth.