Very good question!

First of all to really get to the gifts of our vibrational voice we first must confront our own fears and projections about the voice.  These being; ‘I am not good enough to sing’. ‘My voice sounds awful and I can’t sing’. ‘You wouldn’t want to hear me sing’ and the good ol’ ‘I can’t sing my way out of a wet paper bag.’  Sound familiar? Poor old voice, gets so much in the way of it all the time…

So that’s for starters.  I have developed a whole teaching and cards that can help with these blocks called The Authentic Voice Cards. Each card represents a voice, a sentence from a Self that we might have in our minds like the Critic, the Perfectionist, the Pusher and the Pleaser.  The Critic might say ‘I hate the sound of my voice‘, the Pusher might say ‘I just need to push harder and work harder to push my voice out!‘.  The Pleaser might say, ‘I have to sing because they want me to.‘ The point of the cards is to begin to identify these voices and then begin to separate from them as BEING WHO YOU ARE.

Okay, so back to the questions.  There are so many healing benefits to the act of singing and sound and all you need to do to find these out is to ask Google and they will pop up.

Sound and singing brings relief from stress and anxiety, improved concentration and enhanced creativity.  Improves vision, re-balances my brain hemispheres, increases alpha brainwave activity.  Assists in accessing higher consciousness and moves energy through stimulation of the cerebrospinal fluid increasing the kundalini life force.

Okay I said some of them, but those benefits I do not need to speak of here because find out for yourself.  The one benefit, among many, is how the voice can align your energy field through the singing of vowels developing an awareness of what I call the Vertical and Horizontal Lines, or another way of saying it is your Personal and Impersonal fields of energy.  Let me explain.

A little background please…

Sound can direct energy into the field of your being not unlike your thoughts or your breath can.  “Wherever my attention goes my energy flows“, yes and using the vibration of your voice inside of this awareness brings a weightiness, a ground to your energy field like nothing else can.  The vibrations light up the whole of your field as well as bring awareness to the darkened places that you cannot feel, it brings contrast.

Like Reiki, like Tai Chi, or any energy practice can, yes.  What makes the vibration of your voice take this to a whole new level? Light and vibration and how they work together to increase your field again in an imprinted way, the sound of your voice puts a stamp on the field.   Simply said it takes the experience of any energy practice and increases it to a whole new level because of its authority.

Vowels are the stuffing inside of words, they represent the energy within the words.  Words consist of consonants and vowels.  The vowels are the energy part of the word and they connect us to the elements of vibration and sound and are to be embraced wholeheartedly in what I propose here.  We can only really move energy and be the directors of sound in what I say once we have fully connected to the grid of energy using these vowels as our guidelines.

Then, we can work within the prepared field and do some really good stuff in terms of clearing, allowing, embracing, loving etc.  And setting boundaries.  Boundaries come first, that’s the Impersonal part of this equation, as they say Safety First.

Safety First…

Yes boundaries.  Energy will really only move in us when it is feels safe to do so.  You can push and shove and manipulate your energy but, in the long run it will backfire on you if you don’t know your boundaries, or your edge.  The Vertical Line is where we are given the opportunity to experience the Impersonal energetic boundaries within us.  The vowels are Ah, Oh and Oo.

They are long vowels and require the jaw and the body to align with the vertical feeling which then moves down and up our body in a Vertical Line of awareness.  These vowels bring a sense of connection to the self and a containment of energy, which is a boundary.  What is a boundary? An energetic edge of the Self that is developed by the Self for safety and protection of the Self.  Sufi poet Rumi says it best when he says, “Darkness is your candle, your boundaries are your Quest.”