Uncovering the Voice and Discovering Our Beauty – THE AUTHENTIC VOICE

(With excerpts from ‘Uncovering the Voice – Valborg Webeck-Scardstrom (1925)

“When the teacher and artist has turned towards research as the direction of the inner and spiritual, he enters on a path of slow and laborious wandering.  He is approaching experiences that will shake him, bring him pain, doubt, happiness – in short, everything that stirs a person most deeply in his soul.  In truth, he will not come easily to what must be called the research-results of his particular work.”

This process uncovers and discovers beyond words who we truly are in the spiritual sense of the word.  This process wakes up and shakes up what needs to be disturbed and brought to the surface for a renegotiation of truth or not truth.

The activation of subtle, inner landscapes like the tongue, palates, jaw, mouth, head even eyes we wake up our unconscious parts to see with fresh eyes the world of magic within everything.

“In the face of that which wills to manifest itself…”

Through the singing voice, this invitation and at the same time, demand, for us to step aside and allow this spiritual being to manifest itself through us like a gentle wind blowing away unnecessary gross material thoughts and structures.

As much as the work is the connecting to the body, at the same time there is a letting go of each part that is woken up and turned over to the silvery light of the voice. This wind voice blows through the body without the body hindering the flowing power in any way.

“For truly whoever will climb up to that higher reality must step through a narrow portal, the portal of a new kind of sensibility.”

Access to this higher reality and this narrow portal can be thought of as the upper realms of the spiritual chakras in the sixth and seventh chakras, these are the portals and the opportunities that await the climber.  It seems this is where the real work is to uncover and discover the wonders that are found here.  In the bat cave of our upper realms.   The voice seems to float and sit up inside of this cave without any effort whatsoever.  And, as contrast would have it, this upper realm illuminates our lower realms from which we are trapped inside of through beliefs and contracted, compressed trauma.

“The conditions for finding the real and the true is: to wait in humility and unshakable perseverance for those hours in which the deeper mysteries of the soul desire to reveal themselves.”

One of the goals is to develop a contrast between the belief that we are not beautiful and the experience of our beauty, directly.  To uncover and work through the levels that lie in the way of this beauty is the work of the Authentic Voice.  It is not for the faint of heart because of the earth shattering discovery and discoveries that beauty brings to our earthliness reveals nothing other than our divine essence.  And this is what we are covering over, hence the work of the Voice, to uncover the truth of who we are.

This uncomfortable and difficult journey of burning through these covers is slow and laborious if we are to be very honest, and we do need to be honest.

Everything it seems is two-fold.  As I spoke of a moment ago the work of uncovering is at first to attach to and connect to this landscape of our earthly bones and body before we are allowed even a smidgen of truth to shine through our bones and light up our minds with recognition of magnificence.  This work of connection and then letting go repeats and repeats as we climb upwards dropping layers of control as we go.

We all stop the search or re-search for beauty and truth and stand still for a while looking up at the journey yet to come.   With the right guide a singer is offered opportunities for expansion and beauty that is unlike any other profession, given that the instrument is the body.   Without a guide to keep us moving forward and upward towards the beauty which awaits us most will never know this beauty is possible. The right guide is a few steps ahead throwing down a rope to pull you up.  Only a very few will reach these heights and like climbing Mount Everest, it seems you lose a great deal of souls along the way.