as above so belowThis article is a reflection on the opposite energies or aspects of life that exist within all of us as; light and dark, structure and flow, masculine and feminine, personal and impersonal, and how they appear and vibrate within and throughout our daily communications with each other.  From clear and direct communication to somewhat wonky and manipulative communication and everywhere in-between, the energies are at play.

The work of developing awareness of these energies and their spectrum of light is the inner work that I feel is necessary to sing and live an authentic life.  The voice reflects our life and our life reflects our voice.


For those who have pushed away structure and focus in our lives to some degree and found ourselves drifting without action and purpose, it can be quite alarming and disorienting to bring a more structured and disciplined focus into daily life.


I feel as I have tiptoed in and out of the arenas of structure, discipline and the impersonal masculine directive.  I might find myself slipping firstly into an isolated road of only tasking and doing that is lacking in feeling and warmth and tending towards cutting off the feminine sensitivity as this strong structured rule-maker energy moves through me, long having been held back.

I find I can be short and on the edge of mean and thoughtless in my communications with others.  I’m factual and ruled by order and black and white straightness. Tasking, organizing and moving in a straight line feels like the only thing worth doing.


Conversely if we have pushed away an emotional, flowing rhythm in our day to day lives, we might find feel we are held rigidly within the confines and structures of life lacking in empathy and compassion in communication with self and others. In comparison, inviting the feminine principle of emotion and feeling can be as alarming as knowing a more structured masculine life.

I can become equally as stuck in emotion and feeling as I can get in structure and focus.  I sometimes get lost inside of the intoxication of my feelings as well as in simply being and not getting anything done. I just go with the flow and lose the focus of my life.  My personality can become a little too pleasing and malleable to others needs and wants.

It is easy to get stuck on either side of this equation and stay there for long periods of time, maybe even a lifetime.  The opposite voice, energy or aspect is always waiting to be brought into balance.



Brene Browns wise words, “When I know better I will do better”, and, “Everyone is really doing the best they can, including myself.”

Learning to bring both energies of dark and light, personal and impersonal, masculine and feminine, structure and flow together as one natural way of living, is no small task.  The buddhists call this the Middle Way. This is the work the singing voice has the potential to actualize within us if we so choose.  I believe it is also the foundations of all energy work and spiritual teaching; to become aware and therefore whole-hearted.  These limited words only touch the surface of what is underneath them.

When I find compassion for the parts that I have pushed away in myself and others, then and only then will I be able to fold them into the dough of who I am.  For balance and wholeness. 


Because of the voices inherent nature to exhibit these two distinct energies of light and dark the voice gives us a direct reflection of how they are relating to one another, if at all. The singing voice can be a portal to look behind the scenes at what is really at play in each moment and which side or aspect we are holding at bay in our lives and our relationships.

The yearning for our unwanted, unclaimed opposite expressions of being are always there waiting for us to integrate them and brought them to balance within us.  Each side of the equation when out of balance or disconnected can bring feelings of despair, depression, anxiety and shame.  The repairing of this partnership is to heal our past, embrace our wholeness and find a resting place. Again, no small task.  Within our everyday communications we have the opportunity to weave together our wholeness through speech, word and the feeling tone in our voice.

Within each vowel, each consonant, each word, each phrase and each moment lies the potential for this inner balance to create stronger yet more heartfelt connections with ourselves and with others. Life that flows through every word that is thoughtful, emotionally centred and direct.

So may we;spirituality

Know authority without the loss of sensitivity.

Know emotion without the loss of structure.

Know clarity without loss of feeling.

Know becoming without the loss of belonging.

Know doing without the loss of being.

Know directness without the loss of compassion.