Singing in a choir, or in the car, or on stage can do a great deal of healing in and of itself.  Singing with purpose and intent to connect to the self in a deeper way, through vibration, that’s a whole different level.

Singing for the purpose of healing and connection is more concerned with the inner world versus the outer world. The cause and effect of singing for the self versus the benefit of the audience.

For example, how does one note feel in my body? And where do I feel it? Does the note release any tension within me or does it tighten me? Can I connect with the ripple affect of how that note moved energy?  I wonder if I can find a note to make this pain in my shoulder release?

The sound of your voice is healing, not matter what you think of it.  Your judgement of it cancels the healing of it. It shuts it down. Judgement shuts down the ripple and release of the vibrational medicine that gets touched through the sound of your voice.

Your judgement and criticism of it stops this ripple and therefore stops the healing medicine.

This is a journey of discovery, to move the point of focus inwards from our outwards fixed gaze of approval. And this takes the time it takes. It is a practice of self-love and acceptance, to be sure.