Your medicinal voice moves and organizes energy.  When the blue vibration of the throat chakra is activated you want to organize and clean and put things into their proper order.  This vibration is mathematical in nature and therefore things in your environment need to make sense and sort themselves out.  

Singing charges the brain. There is nothing quite like your brain on vibration from your own voice.  Like a battery it lights you up in all the right places and sends and distributes light energy up and down the spine.  Amazing!

Singing moves energy, organizes and charges the brain. Brings tone to the Vagus Nerve and release all sorts of serotonin and oxytocin into your body. 

A healing sound washes over your whole being with light.  It is a sound that is connected deeply to your body and at the same time completely free from your body.  Like stillness, authority and love all wrapped around you like a warm cozy blanket.