We can’t really speak about the Treasure Chest of the Heart without the presence of Compassion being close at hand.  For the heart to shine open we really do need the support energetically of the lower 3 floors as foundational stepping stones for the openness of the heart to be real and not fabricated.  

This fabrication of ‘having our heart open’ can be so intoxicating is this new age world of ‘positive thinking’ but can leave people feeling spent and depleted with too much energy going outwards under the illusion of being helpful and loving. 

“Only in my body do I know the difference between and act of love and an act of sacrifice.’

The grounding of the root deep into the earth allows for the flowing and safety of our emotional nature to be held inside of us which then stokes the fire of desire and the will of the solar plexus into action for us to have what we want in our lives.  A new job, home, partner, etc. 

Because of the authority issue in the fireplace and anger that has a hard time getting met and heard with this compassion (calm-passion), the energy can get cut off before it’s able to expand the heart with any desires of getting or having what we want.  

Because of the unmet needs and potentially unhealed traumas in the early years the energy of expansion pulls downwards towards the earth as opposed to upwards towards the heart.  The real deep workof healing is to heal these lower chakras, and this is where compassion is needed the most.   

To have such a great deal of compassion inside of all of this is crucial, but tricky to do given what was likely mirrored in childhood, maybe phrases such as ‘just get over it‘ and ‘ let it go, it’s in the past.’ The heart can heal and bring home the lower 3 floors along with help from the upper realms.  Understanding from the crown chakra, clear seeing from the 3rd eye and the ability to speak our truth about how we’re really feeling from the throat.  

The heart requires the breathing room, the love and the healing of the above and below chakras to really be able to stand anchored and grounded in the middle and embrace ourselves (all of our Selves) in her/his great, loving, expansive arms. 

When we consciously begin to awaken the heart through meditation, visualization, healing our relationships within and without the life-force energy naturally expands forever growing upwards and downwards in all directions like a tree of life.