The Word.  Yes indeed and how powerful that is but what does that really mean and how can we harness this power in our life?

Here’s my thoughts on intention, manifestation with the power of our vibrational voice.  Jonathan Goldman, President of the Sound Healing Association says it perfectly with his formula:


But what of all these thoughts that scramble inside of me and just what is it that I am creating!  Yes we are creating every moment with all these thoughts but it’s just not as simple as changing our thoughts, although that’s a brilliant start.

These words, these powerful words of love, harmony and inspiration have to be able to get into us.  To land in our land, so to speak.  To dive into our bodily waters and penetrate our earthly bones.  And this.  Is our challenge.  For sure.

I recently had a student in my studio and I asked him to contemplate the difference between fire and water inside of his body as he is a big ol’ pusher.  Of course he’s only doing what he knows best as we all are.  I invited him to notice the movement inside of his body, the flow of energy there and align with this flowing power first with his mind.  Notice this river of motion.  Then to sing his song inside of this flowing water, moving with it and not pushing either into it or away from it.

This approach made a huge difference to how he sang his song and his voice became a reflection from the water inside of him.  His intention had merged with the movement of the water inside of him, his e-motions.  Energy that is moving.  His alignment of his vibrational voice and his water together with his intention of his mind and thoughts created this manifested Word.

Everything is a balance and singing reflects this.  A balance of fiery passion along with the flowing emotion.  The light on the water of our body, said another way it’s the intention of what we want aligned and lowered into our body of water that begins to change the course of accrued Time inside of us.

Over time and with much practice of meditation, embodiment work and the uncovering of the voice we can lower the water level of our awareness deeper and affect great depths with our intentions.

However along the way of this dropping down and lower we meet everything that is in the way of us dropping and bring it to the light for the Great Negotiations to begin.  We get to ask again and again ‘What do I want?’

This process is not for the faint of heart and requires great patience to allow the tides of emotion to wash away the old and start to rebuild anew, thoughts, beliefs, structures and all.

They, the thoughts that is, begin to appear without us fabricating them.  It’s the nature of our being and the way of the light to speak with love and kindness.  It’s there a little deeper down inside of us.  And that’s the really cool part.

“Drop in, drop down, through and all around, into this holy ground, this holy ground in me innocent, wild and free.”