Singing and Support

The singing voice teaches the body a new way to contain and express energy, power, authenticity and aliveness.  Experiencing these vital ways of being through singing can imprint a knowing in our body that is supportive not only for our voice but for our lives. 

When we sing we require the whole body to support us in ways that are not activated when we are simply speaking.  And it is the word SUPPORT that is missing for so many and the main reason why people are afraid of singing. On some level they know this support, this grounded foundation is not in them, and so they experience fear of singing instead of the joy of singing.

We long to be seen and heard in our  creative expression and to be who we are, however, at some point this longing needs to be met by ourselves first and not projected out onto others for them to support us.  True freedom is learning to support ourselves first, and our singing voice teaches us how to do this like nothing else.

What is the result of this support?  A passionate, creative and loving life filled with freedom in expression and service in the world.  

“The singing voice is where spirit and matter meet and

where sound and light Connect.”