There comes a time in everyone’s life, hopefully, when what we have been trying to fix, perfect and improve in our own warped way has to be accepted, completely.  

There is an inner longing that grows stronger inside of us that has a need for unconditional love above all else.  Above all of the reaching, searching or grasping for something more than what is right here.

This realization that fixing and perfecting our voices, our bodies or our wounds has to come to an end. 

That this outside need for approval from others or the nod of approval from ourselves is not enough anymore. 

For singers we know how good it feels to sing really well and we also know the kind of dizzying affect it has on others, and we want nothing more than to always have our voice be like That. 

We know it’s in us, this beauty, this freedom and this capacity for well, more. 

This freedom can be found but not through the lens of perfection, it’s the other way around. 

Perfection can be found through but through the doorway of freedom. 

This is the path of authenticity, the path of loving ourselves versus fixing or altering ourselves. 

To uncover the voice and for beauty to arrive and grow up inside we are asked to let go of any fixing, working, pushing and perfecting and to move towards an inner wholeness, an opening and an embracing of The Authentic Self. 

When we move gently towards this search the inner space grows and fills us up from the inside and begins to bloom outwards.

The beauty of our voice is a direct reflection from this inner sound space.  

This Tone is felt by others but in a quieter, more gentle way.

The healing sound of the voice then points others towards themselves rather towards you. 

It’s a revelation. 

We are like trees…

We are like trees… We are like trees. Twisting around life the best we can. Twisting, growing, bending and changing into the beautiful works of art that we are. She said, ‘but how do I untwist myself?’ She didn’t know she was twisted and closed off until she tried to...

Reclaiming Our Natural Power

‘At first we must distinguish and then we unite’ - Goethe Singing requires us to separate the body parts to identify what the role is for each part. For example the throat, solar plexus, the rib cage and belly.  What does each part do? How does it assist the voice to...

Overcoming Stage Fright

Overcoming Stage Fright

The walk to the stage… So you’ve worked really hard on your art whether that’s singing, dancing, acting or speaking.   You’ve spent years developing, practicing and honing your talent and you want to share it with your audience.  You’ve developed your voice and you...

Dropping in…

Dropping in…

Take a few minutes right now to drop into your inner resources and activate your energy. "In this moment right now this love comes to rest in me." Rumi  Root - Legs, feet, base of spine Visualize red roots going downward into the earth connecting you into safety of...

Exercising My Will – The developmental stages of the will centre.

Exercising My Will – The developmental stages of the will centre.

Can you exercise your will and state your side in an argument?  Do you even know what your side is? I like to look at situations, and especially heated discussions, from ‘above the battlefield’ in order to try to understand both sides of the equation. This can...

The Ears act like Batteries for the Brain

Did you know that the ear is a battery for the brain? (Alfred Tomatis)  And that training your ear through voice exercises can do many things including: Energize and stimulate your brain and body. Increases neuroplasticity (what!). Improves balance and posture of the...

Do you have a hard time connecting to your feelings?

Do you have a hard time connecting to your feelings?

Try this 5-day challenge to drop into your belly and feel.... Connect to your belly… YOUR CORE, YOUR CENTRE, YOUR GUT INSTINCT, FEELINGS, EMOTIONS, INTIMACY. And...Where your Shadow lies - everything you don't want to see about yourself Get comfortable with your feet...

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