Facing the world and stating who you are is the act of singing.

There is nothing more direct, vulnerable and risky.

Hearing the sound of your own voice standing out in the crowd is invigorating and terrifying all at the same time.

Yes, it is. And it’s the radical act of Being Alive.

For those who wish to free their voice, uncover their voice or sing however they dam well like, well, this is my gig.

Wanting to help you do just that.

The result is the uncovering of Your Sacred Voice.

The experience and the sound of Being Alive.

Everything that you have been through, everything that you feel and don’t feel is heard in your voice whether you like it or not.

I wonder why it is there is so much fear around singing?

The exposure of singing, the nakedness of a voice standing alone and rippling outwards towards those listening and penetrating inwards inside of you.

Your Sacred Voice is always here, closer than you think and more you than you can believe.

Are you ready?