Mind your tone!

Watch your tone with me!

You may or may not remember these words from your younger days?

We can’t help the tone of our voice telling on us! The truth is inside the tone and not the actual words we are saying.

It is our Living Word.

Let’s see what’s inside of each living tone…

Inside of every tone, word or note lies two energies that come together to bring life and expression to your thoughts and emotions.

Light and dark.

Masculine and feminine.

Treble and bass.

Voice teachers call it head voice and chest voice.

An alchemical mixing of your inner world coming into one through – speaking, singing and communicating. It’s quite amazing.

Your vocal tone reflects your inner weather; your feelings and emotions.

The Italian school of singing as well as artists call this Chiaroscuro – a way of seeking harmony and balance of both worlds of light and dark in art work, singing and life.

Such a beautiful word….

Chiaro – light.

Scuro – dark.

What’s also amazing about this is what is reflecting outwards through the voice is also reflecting inwards inside of a person, you could say it is mirroring this balance of light and dark.

Want to learn how to do this?

Come and have a lesson or join a class and witness others in this beauty of being balanced inside of your dark and light.

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