The rants of a voice teacher….

Do you know the kind of mess that is being made inside the body because of the cork, words, truth etc that gets stuck in the throat? 

Not expressing and being silent creates a bottle neck of energy that is like a log jam in the throat region

Over the past 10 years there has been a huge rise in the numbers of women coming to see me because of thyroid issues and throat cancer. 

My classes allow for beauty and life force to rise up yes but let’s just get whatever’s in the way out, no matter how it sounds

Is keeping the perfectionist in place really worth the tensions, pains and aches? 

Is controlling your emotions (her) really worth the lack of life force that you are suffering from with low energy, depression etc? 

Is not speaking up when you need to worth the inner collapse, in-authentic relationships and dis-ease? 

Come and do a class and get the benefits of letting it out, even just a little.