I call the root chakra the Playground. It is the ground of play that we as children were raised in. 

Play started with our Mothers and the play between Mother and child with cooing and the wiggling of arms and legs and such as well as the playful and loving sound of the Mother’s voice. 

From this safe and nurturing place we moved onto the playground with other children to test out our relationship with trust and safe play that our Mothers instilled and modelled for us. 

As you can guess as we then move into our adult lives this trust and comfort around play moves and informs every part of our lives. It is our foundation of being.

If that was your journey with play then you might be comfortable in groups and with others and have a sense of play and humour that is in your bones. 

If it wasn’t, and just to say that over all the years of teaching I haven’t met too many that have a great relationship with play, then you may want to consider playful activities to claim this right to play in your life. 

Actually understanding play and allowing play to enter your body and for your inner world to become like a child in play are what my classes are all about.

A 4-week class session starts this Tuesday. Play with your voice on the playground with others.