I did a podcast yesterday and the interviewer shared her experience of when she was a child she was told by a family member to be quiet after she sang. 

She shared that at the time that she was singing she felt so open and free and then a familiar voice said to her, ‘your voice is awful, stop singing!’

And then she proceeded to have a lifetime of fear around singing until very recently when now she feels safe to sing and play. Can you relate?

This ‘injury’ around singing and expressing can be a family joke.

Do you know what I mean?

Where the whole family laughs and says, ‘hey do you remember when so and so told you that you should not sing? That was soooo funny!”

It doesn’t just stifle a voice it stifles a child and the amazing magical, flowing energy that children naturally move with.

It freezes and stops this flow unless or until the injury is seen and heard and taken seriously. Then the flow of life force can begin to flow more freely again. 

Now just to put this into perspective I think that the human journey of us being here is by its very nature troublesome with many road blocks, so this common place oppression on us all is our hill to climb. 

We’re supposed to have to learn how to undo these particular knots/injuries that we have been given.

But we can only undo knots that we are aware of.

If we don’t take our feelings and reactions seriously then nothing will change and I believe this to be a gaslighting on ourselves that was modelled to us as children.

So how do you really feel about your voice?

How do you really feel about sharing your authentic truth?

Even if it disagrees and contradicts with somebody else’s?

The thing about these earlier injuries is that we become unconscious to them and cannot control our reactions to them which are physiological and wired to our reptilian flight and flight response. 

When you are triggered or disturbed by something try this grounding exercise. 


Connect to your ground of play in your root – your legs, feet base of spine. Take 10 long breaths increasing the charge of energy in your root and whole body. 

And then drop further into the earth into the safety of the Mother. Immerse yourself in the safety of this intelligent route/root system and feel it rise up your body with light roots of connection and love.

Feel held and protected. Now sing, move and live from here.