The path of the authentic singer

Do you feel that you are fighting something all the time? Fighting some invisible force that you just can’t put your finger on?

And that you are doing everything you can to move forward and out of where you are but you can’t?  

You want to move forward but you just keep getting thrown back?

You hear people saying ‘you have the power to choose,’ and ‘just make a different decision!’ and this just makes you feel bad about yourself. 

This article sheds light on how the nervous system can get stuck in a rut and it seems like there really is no choice available to you.  

When we can’t or don’t know how to allow new ways of being in our lives it can feel like in-fighting going on inside. 

You may have heard the phrase, ‘the brake and the gas at the same time.’ 

We are taught from a very early age to work hard and to push through by overcoming obstacles and to stick to it, even if we don’t want to. Suck it up princess! Ouch!

This pusher energy in us is a personality that keeps us pushing away from pain and to accomplishment and ‘getting stuff done’. It is protective in its nature by keeping us away from the pain that happened but can get stuck like a gas peddle on all the time.

Because our 3rd chakra is our power centre this pusher personality can be mainly experienced in the solar plexus and diaphragm region. 

This can become an inner power struggle when we are stuck in this pattern of fighting and pushing. 

These areas of the body are where the controller and the warrior live.  As a result of this inner fighter and the rigidity that is caused by the pushing the result is that we cut off the higher awareness from the heart upwards from the more instinctual energies and life force from below. 

It is this Bermuda triangle in our body where people get lost and sometimes never found. (Solar plexus – diaphragm – ribcage)

Allowing forward momentum, creativity and higher awareness to fill our space rather than always fighting for space is a dynamic that is set in childhood usually in conflict with the dominant authority figure in the family. 

This is commonly the Father however can also be the Mother or any member of the family if they were the the one ‘in charge.’ 

If this has been the case then the middle area of the body, the diaphragm,  becomes the tool that is used to fight the authority by gripping, holding, controlling or locking which then if it is never undone can dominate someone’s whole life.

The feelings of being swallowed up and controlled by the dominating parent, whether being in their presence or not, is countered by a holding on in the middle. 

‘I’m holding onto myself, me, tightly, I’m choosing this, I’m in charge not you.” The voice of the nervous system says. 

This holding or fighting more often than not becomes a fixed muscular holding pattern in the body that will be there for the persons whole life. 

Cutting off life force, good feelings and sadly having failures after failures in work and relationships. 

I call this being ‘stuck-in-the-middle-with-you.

The way forward really can require that we have to slowly begin to walk backwards towards a speed that the nervous system can handle. 

Once this slow down catches up with where the person truly is then there can be an awareness of this in-fighting.  Allowing the anger and rage that is trapped inside through healthy outlets is a start to tap into and release the emotions that lie beneath the anger. 

Ideally this warrior in-fighting needs to transform itself from fighting to feeling, and then to passion and excitement.

This is a process of purifying and transforming the charged energy inside the diaphragm and solar plexus from the fires of fury into the fires of desire and passion. 

This is when real Choice comes into play. 

We begin to realize there is another choice available where there has not been before.  

Before this massive transformation takes place the concept of personal choice is not an option.

And if thinking positively is used to bypass the natural transformation I speak of here then the opportunity for real change will likely bury its head deeper underground. 

When this in-fighting is all the person’s nervous system understands then the option of ‘a new passionate way of living and being’ is simply not available, no matter how many positive attempts at changing thoughts they might have tried. 

This is where singing and the purifying the voice comes in.  

When we speak we use the diaphragm which is the major muscle in breathing in partnership with the throat. 

In contrast when we sing we really put this partnership to the test. 

Therefore correct and natural singing opens the possibility for a new way of being to enter the nervous system which teaches the diaphragm, solar plexus and throat a new way of being. 

Then and only then can we move from the fires of fury into the fires of passion a truly authentic way.