Tony Robbins says, ‘when it’s time to increase your energy you do that by movement and sound. We can change everything in our lives if we have enough energy.’

Sounds easy right? As Tony says just get more energy. Come on now get that energy. He goes on to say really great stuff but I’m making a point here. 

We try to get energy through many ways and means be it exercise, food, relationship, shopping, alcohol etc but then there’s usually the ‘fall’ down the other side into no energy, no vitality. The up-down-up-down cycle. Why is this?

Our energy is tied up in past wounds, beliefs and patterns. It’s what I say when the energy is  ‘otherwise engaged.’ 

It’s tied up holding you down in an attempt to keep you on the straight and narrow path. Eg. perfect, successful, loving, good, right.

When energy rises up in us at times it can bring with it you guessed it, all of the hidden wounds, beliefs and big feelings that can be quite difficult to process and work through. 

Freeing up our energy is huge and not that hard to do as Tony says. All you need do is get up and move, shake it out, make some sound and you’re good to go for hmm, how long? An hour? A moment? A day?

And that’s saying that you’re all good and on board with just simply getting up and getting energy. If you’re all good with gettin’ up and gettin’ energy that you maybe don’t need to read this. 

What I have learnt is that in teaching voice it’s not the voice per se that is the problem it’s that the students, singers (myself included) don’t have enough ‘available energy’ to run their voice in a healthy way and free way. 

That’s why I do what I do. Unravel, unfold and uncover energy so it can align it with the voice.

Our voice is not the problem, no it’s our trapped, compartmentalized, hidden, buried, traumatized, frozen, manic energy. 

So, all of this is to say we need to open our energy incrementally and then marry it with our awareness and attention. It can’t (our energy) run around willy nilly without our awareness integrating it and grounding it within us.

For the record I really like Sir Tony.