Book Your Voice Lessons with Anna! 

They are essential to who you are… 

Essential lessons in singing

Voice Lesson – 45 minute ($80)


Monday – Friday with Anna online

Voice Lessons – Package of 4 (45 minutes) $300


Monday – Friday with Anna 

Activation Session – 1 hour $100

Activate and align to your essential nature

A session to activate and align you to your elements and your core body energy.

To feel at home in your body.

To inquire into the inner balance of masculine and feminine energy within you.

The voice reflects this ever changing nuanced dance of light and dark.

These sessions can help you to further understand yourself and therefore your voice.



Monday – Friday with Anna 

“With Anna’s method of teaching she was able to “open up this part of my voice which had been blocked for so long” out of fear or whatever.  It just never got used so I say “blocked”….I now will not be afraid to try out the sound of my own voice!”