Anna, the Singer has opened for the likes of Dr. Maya Angelou, Deepak Chopra and has performed with Tommy Banks and Mary Wilson of the Supremes.  Anna the Songwriter has penned theme songs for Canadian Breast Cancer, Children’s Health Foundation and the World Championship in Athletics and Anna the Recording Artist has 4 CD’s to her credit, her latest called “The Doorway” which is a collection of songs written to the poetry of the mystical poet Rumi. 

Anna, the Teacher spends her time helping others to express themselves and connect to their voice through private and group Voice Connection classes and workshops as well as retreats to exotic locals. 

Anna has been studying the voice and it’s powerful connection to life, harmony and vibration for over twenty years.  Her integrative approach combines the worlds of singing, the Chakra energy system, psychology and spirituality to help you unlock the doors to your sacred voice.

Poet Rumi says, “Remember the lips where the wind breath lives and sing your notes out loud, don’t try to end it be your note!

Remember when you were a child and everything was a wonder! Every moment danced with possibility and curiosity. You are a wonder and inside of you lies the 7 wonders still alive within you.  These 7 wonders are the Chakra System.  What if your singing voice was the key to unlocking this wondrous treasure of light, colour and vibration within you?   The vibrational medicine of your voice links you to this wonder again and again.

Re-connect to your wonder with The Voice Connection. 

‘When I first went into The Authentic Voice class I immediately lost my fears about not being experienced or “good enough” to be singing amongst other people. We learned to set aside the self-critic and judgement and open up to singing in a room full of other people. The experience was about personal growth and setting up the conditions to sing as much as it was connecting with others in a safe space. Within those connections we navigated the room with our voice and bodies while also negotiating boundaries through voice. ‘ Caitlin Richards – Voice Connection 2014


In the past few years, Anna has opened for the late Dr. Maya Angelou at the Winspear as well as performed as the lead in “The Titanic – Musical”.  Anna also was opened for Deepak Chopra’s VIP gala in Edmonton and Calgary.

She is looking forward to recording the follow up to her Doorway album ‘The Returning’ which will be available towards the end of  2019.   DSC00895_adj

There comes a time when one’s life meets one’s purpose. For Anna, that time came when all roads led her to the mystical love poetry and wisdom of Rumi and Hafiz, Sufi poets from the 13th and 14th centuries. Shaded with Jazz, Celtic and Middle Eastern influences, the inspirational songs on The Doorway CD weave together the many genres that have colored Anna’s life thus far.

Edmonton Journal’s Roger Levesque comments,

“Beaumont’s commitment comes through in some of her best singing ever. Anna’s focus on themes of spirituality embodies a real search for truth and ancient wisdom that deserves an audience, whether you’re a Rumi fan or not.”

The Journey

Anna is supported on piano by former Senator Mr. Tommy Banks

An accomplished jazz and pop singer for over 20 years, Anna’s performances have taken her as far away as China, Germany, Finland, Britain, and the United States, in addition to her countless performances in Canada. Mary Wilson of the Supremes, with whom Anna spent much time touring and performing in the musical “Beehive” says “She sings like a bird, soaring high and angelic…truly one of the great voices of this decade.”

Anna’s recording journey began in 1992 after winning 96K-Lite’s Star Trax Competition and releasing Rise Above, followed by her first full-length CD of original material, Promise My Heart, in 2000.

Sandra Sperounes from the Edmonton Journal said,

“On Promise My Heart, the local songstress, previously noted for her jazz styling, finds herself crossing over into pop territory with radio friendly, uplifting songs. Fans of Celine Dion and Sarah McLachlan should love this album – and maybe grow to admire Beaumont even more.”

With support from local radio station Magic 99, Under the Covers was released in 2006. Anna’s musical recordings show an evolution of the girl into the woman and the singer into an emotionally articulate songwriter, where she has found her own, original voice in diverse musical styles and genres.

Senator Tommy Banks says,

“Experience a singer’s singer…experience Anna.”

Michele, Sunshine Coast, B.C. says,

“Your sharing of spirit, music and presence created a deep feeling of inspiration, wonder, and joy for me. The time spent met my needs for authenticity, connection and true communion.”

Anna’s teacher and mentor in England, Chloe Goodchild, is the creator and facilitator of “The Naked Voice.” She says this of Anna:

“Anna Beaumont is a courageous and inspiring adventurer of the soul through sound and song. Her beautiful far-reaching voice awakened by ancient love poetry, unearths and arouses a new language of longing and belonging. With “The Doorway” she soars the heavens and dives into the elemental depths of the one heart, calling you Home.”