September 2015

I teach self expression through connecting to yourself through singing, meditation and movement.  I have been doing so for close to twenty years. This has been a training ground for me to learn how to teach what it is that I need to know for myself. For years I performed and toured throughout parts of the world, and at home, and along the way I lost myself. I lost myself to what I thought were the expectations of my audience, and in this I lost what I loved the most; the simple joy of singing and being.

Losing my voice was a gift in disguise. I lost my voice and found the key to going within myself and finding myself again slowly, piece by piece. Along with this movement inward was the return of my voice.  It sounds trite, to find oneself and I would’ve thought that years ago, but I feel differently now. I know that heaven exists here on earth, inside of this vessel of my body, all the way from the ground to the crown. Over these years I have gone to work and built a new vessel, a new instrument for this voice to shine out from, or maybe I simply uncovered and peeled away that which couldn’t withstand the light of love.

Over the years as a piece of myself came back through voice and body exploration, I would offer it to my students, and overtime I found I had compiled many, many pieces. Pieces to a very large puzzle, the puzzle to my wholeness. The pain in my body was my guide to each puzzle piece and my singing voice along with my developing awareness was the salve and the key to healing and integrating each piece. A line from one of my songs speaks to this. “There’s a way back and there’s a way through that doesn’t leave behind any part of you.”

The purpose of the Crown chakra is to understand, to stand-under this knowledge that is here right now. Over the years I have stood-under this knowledge and let it teach me a whole new love language. There is an intelligence inside of us that is emotional and energetic in nature and reflects the colors of the rainbow inside of our bodies. Everything in nature is flowing and vibrating and this flowing power exists within us, if we listen.  It is the ancient system of the 7 chakras, and the vital universal energy that feeds them . It is our opportunity to know heaven on earth. This is our heaven on earth and this is the pointer back to our loveliness.

However there is one catch. One of the keys to this system is the singing voice. It represents the magic of heaven and ironically, this magic terrifies us. The singing voice is the medium through which we must go through this system in order for us to truly connect to each level. It is the direct experience of our light playing inside of our earthly bodies.  It has the potential to penetrate our bodies and to bring back the light if we are willing.  It doesn’t matter what you think of your voice.  It only matters that you be-friend it and let it help you.

It is an opportunity to at once face our fears and to embrace a beauty inside of us that is
immeasurable. Where spirit and matter meet, where sound and light connect.  It is the fear and the beauty all rolled into one. Your voice, your beautiful voice. It wants out and
it has tremendous healing powers if you will allow it to be. It will assist you in cracking your shell, the cast that you have over you to block your light from shining outwards and consequently giving others permission to do the same. It wants to free you from your fears of it’s power. It is innocent, as are you.

We are all trying to find our way the best we can, all of us are gathering pieces of the puzzle and moving forward the best we can. Sometimes when the pieces fit together I catch a glimpse of heaven on earth and I smile.

August 18th, 2015
“Healing Trauma Through Singing”
A Not-So-Known Benefit of Singing

Certain sounds or noises can make us jump and react in a way that says to our nervous system, or, rather our nervous system says to us, Danger!  We are, for lack of a better term, hard-wired to this nervous system response to impending danger.  Some more than others.  Our reptilian brain is only trying to do it’s best to keep us alive, it just doesn’t recognize there is no impending danger, that we are in fact safe, now.I work with people to find their voices and to work through the many layers of fear that can be in the way of their beautiful expressiveness, and, the inner joy the singing voice can reflect from within us.  When I am with clients maybe for the first time I ring chinese bells that make a penetrating high sound that people react to in many different ways.Some have no response whatsoever, some I watch grip in their bodies to protect themselves in a way that is unconscious, and some react as though there is great danger.  It is their nervous systems reptilian brain that is responding.  These reactions let me know a great deal about how they have been wired due to certain events or traumas that might still lurking there, or at least the nervous system thinks so.Traumas are real, they have happened, they happened to me also.  It’s what is left in the years and years of recovery and the missing piece of our nervous systems reactions that can get overlooked.  This is what I am addressing here.  Our voices can act the same or elicit the same response as those bells do.  Either with an alertness that is calming and that stills the mind, or, with a flight or flight nervous system reaction that says, ‘danger!’.What then is this so-called benefit I am speaking of here?  It is to re-train and re-organize the nervous systems response to; our voices, to others voices, and to challenge these impending danger alert responses.  To develop a tolerance to stimulation in a safe and supportive environment in which the participants are continuously being triggered by people’s voices and the sounds of bells and noises.By opening ourselves up to sound, to our voices and to the inherent penetrative nature of our voice we open ourselves up to a world of safety, of calm, and of beauty that is also charged in nature.  As our singing voice holds a charge of energy that then is projected outward from a reciprocal charge that moves downward inside of our bodies.  This is what people block and what is being read by the ANS as ‘some potential threat.’Why is it that public speaking is so scary? Why is it that singing can feel so exposing and make us feel so vulnerable and exposed?  Maybe it is our nervous system that is making us feel this way.  Maybe it is safe? And maybe it is also there telling us that this situation is indeed unsafe?  My purpose of inquiring into this is for us to simply begin to have a choice in our reactions.  Some are reacting to traumas that have made permanent homes inside of their brain and some only turn their heads in mild curiosity and indifference, and, some will never go near the flames.

Being touched and moved by the sound of someone voice opens the heart and this is beautiful, yes, however, there is a great deal of the population who cannot receive, feel or even recognize this beauty anymore due to overload in the nervous system and old reptilian reactions to danger of varying degrees.

Singing and connecting with our voices directly contacts the nervous system, the invitation is are we ready to find new pathways that heal and calm us versus being overcharged, overwhelmed or even numbed out from the sound of our own voice, or other voices.  Waiting for us in the calming, para-sympathetic side of our ANS is the gift of beauty and feelings of well-being and joy.  This is what I do all of this for, and, it’s worth it.

This is not any easy process, to face the charge of energy that we have been pushing away or reacting to in such extreme ways.  We cannot help our reactions to such stimuli and as I have mentioned our nervous systems are simply trying to alert us to keep us safe.  However, over the years I have witnessed many of my students find calm and peace where there was none.  I myself have experienced the same peace, and the real proof has been singing in front of large audiences.  I now experience the same calm and peace, where before it triggered old traumas and memories of danger and the need to protect myself in anyway I knew how.

I don’t have full understanding of how these things work, nor do I need to, but I have experienced and witnessed the healing powers of singing most certainly in myself and in others, and I am forever grateful to the intelligence that guided me to this understanding.

For the Love of Sound,
Anna Beaumont


December 3rd, 2014
Right side up…’The Divine Feminine’
The feeling comes over me when I am with the singers that work with me in a group setting and in private lessons.  This feeling is one of a deep caring and a sense of an overall view-of -things, as though I am embracing far away when I am with them in the moment.There is a silence, a thoughtfulness, a peace but also a complete attentiveness to whomever I am speaking to.It dawned on me that I began to have these ‘out of time’ experiences a short time ago but one such time that it happened has stayed with me.  It was recital night for the students and we were gathered in a circle to ground and connect and I heard the words come out of me without any forethought at all.  “I want you to bring into your mind the face of a woman that doesn’t have a voice, somewhere in the world, let her face come to you now.  Sing for her.”I was then was profoundly touched by the face of a woman from elsewhere in the world as she appeared before me.  A strong woman with dark eyes, a head dress, not a burkka, and I don’t know where she was from.  She peered deeply into me with her strength and her longing and beckoned me to see her.  For what reason is still unclear to me, but I can still feel her strength in this moment.  Did she come for me or did I come for her?  Or did we both call each other?  The ‘knowing’ of the outcome of this really is not important and actually feels like none of my business.  I knew something had changed that evening in me, or, something had let go to allow her in.It was when I first felt her speaking through me; the Divine Feminine.  And as that evening carried on into the singing and celebration it wasn’t until afterward when we were sharing wine and food together that I felt that same presence again come over me. A feeling of deep satisfaction, not for myself but for all of these women before me, yes I felt happy but somehow not responsible for this happening, that this presence was doing the work through each and every one of us.  A feeling that we were representing women and embracing the joy and the beauty of what it means to be a feminine woman.Since that evening I have began to recognize her and can only think that she is the Divine Feminine presence that has arrived in me, or, that I have gotten out of the way enough for her to appear.  I have wondered, well, this must be the real me, my true self, but it doesn’t feel like that.  It feels like I make space for her to do something through me and then she is gone.  She doesn’t feel like ‘Anna’ does.  I imagine she has worked through me before but I was not aware of it, and now the blessing is that I get to appreciate her and also be blessed by her at the same time. I feel I am here to listen to her and to carry out her wishes and that this is a gentle and loving process that occurs when I least expect it.  It feels like a miracle happening inside of me and I feel grateful for this blessing of her presence.  May I do right by her at all times.
October 23, 2014

I was working with a singer, let’s call her Jill, and I could see as she singing she was holding her body rigid and her chest was tight so that the air couldn’t work with the sound of her voice.  She was bracing against her self. I asked her to allow herself to bend over and let her air to come out in a relief exhale, still nothing, no release, no relief. Then I said, “allow the collapse to happen” and boom her body finally let go. It was as if she finally got the permission she needed to collapse and let go of being strong, together, competent, brave, and, whatever it means to be a woman in this day and age. Bullet proof. Stand up straight, shoulders back, suck in your stomach, posture ladies!

As I have been working with singers these days I have been noticing this rigidity more than ever, this stoic strength and the ‘I can do it all’ posturing in the body. Jill shared with me that day that there was a collapse in her body that had not been felt through and that in fact she needed to let it happen. As she shared you could see the tears starting to come and the much needed collapsing coming to soften her and release her from the need to be strong and braced against these tidal waves of unexpressed emotions.

A posturing of strength when it’s not authentic strength is a heartbeat away from defense and armoring. The singing voice always will tell us the truth about our posturing, whether or not it is authentic, or, a bullet proof front. This collapse I speak of here is usually thought of as a weakness, a failure of sorts. Working with a group of women in my Express Yourself class I shared this experience of the collapse and you could feel the collective agreement of this unfelt collapse in the room and see the nodding of heads, somewhat tentative for sure, but it was there. The acknowledgment of something that didn’t happen fully inside, a grieving that wasn’t allowed all in the name of the necessary need to suck it up and carry on like a brave soldier, a bullet proof one.

Women are amazing, courageous, multifaceted, complex beings able to leap tall billings in a single bound! Yes, but what is the cost of leaving our vulnerability and softness behind? Our singing voice reflects this hardening and so do our lives and our bodies. Our accomplishments and our hurdles become the benchmarks of success instead of our capacity to feel, which is a wondrous and magical gift. We know when we are cut off emotionally and feeling empty. Our society applauds this strength and others want to be like you, strong and brave, but you know the cost inside, somewhere you know that the cost outweighs the benefit by far.

True strength is not in spite of vulnerability but a balance of both, a spectrum where strength is on one side and vulnerability is on the other, and they both see each other, they are a team.

Strength in the absence of vulnerability is defensiveness, and vulnerability without strength can quickly turn to victim mentality and feeling alone.  To return to this balance can sometimes require a collapse, a white flag, a crumbling and falling down. Yes you will dust yourself off and pick yourself up but on your terms this time, in your time and on no one else’s watch. When you are good and ready thank you very much.

To be a witness and a guide to voices waking up, beginning to feel and to express themselves and all range of messiness that comes with the territory is indeed a beautiful thing. I am included and benefited in this always and as I give you permission to collapse, or not, to sing and to feel or to scream and be who you are in all your living colour, you give me the permission to do the same. I am in awe of this process and extremely grateful indeed.

August 21st, 2014
Singing wakes us up.  It’s brings energy and aliveness to those sleepy, unconscious places inside of us that, for whatever reason, lost consciousness.  Parts of us as we get older slip out of our awareness and we can become ‘comfortably numb’.  We plod along with the Jones’ and get by and bit by bit, however, part by part we lose our body awareness and the subtleties and wonder that we had when we were kids.
The subtleties are where the magic lives.  It’s in the dew drop on a leaf, the dust hanging in the air, a blade of grass, a bee on a flower and the sound of a voice waking up.  We recognize the magic in nature because it’s inside of us and we are in touch with it.  As within as without; a beautiful reflection of our inner subtle awareness.
Using vibration and the sound of our own voice to actively wake up pieces of ourselves is to realign again with nature, with what is naturally flowing through us all the time and to court it.  I sing you too me.  I feel you through me.  I see you in me. As within as without.

August 19th, 2014

Part One: The Perfectionist and the Singer – a match made in hell!

It kills us. The need to be perfect allows no room for mistakes (mis-takes), and certainly allows no room for the mystery and risk of art and creativity to move through us freely. The child at play has no agenda, no need to get anywhere or to prove anything, until, the Perfectionist is born in them, casting aside the freedom of playing for play sake. To allow the artist and singer to reside in you freely is to look into the eyes of the one guarding the artist, the Perfectionist. Freedom cannot be found through perfection but, perfection can be found through freedom.
Was that perfect?

Part Two: The Critic

The Critic is to the Perfectionist like Robin is to Batman, or, is it the other way around?
Either way, they are cartoon characters and they are fiction, let’s just be clear.
We made them up and gave them godlike powers. Their voices come in handy in a pinch, to get us off the hook from standing up and standing out, from speaking up and speaking out. The voice that keeps us safe keeps us small. The power of decision is my own, or is it?

August 19th, 2014

Finding Your Edge…Boundaries and the Singing Voice

Our voice is a reflection from our connection. What does this mean exactly? What connection? What am I reflecting? Our voices are telling on us all the time through our resonance, power and tone or lack thereof. You know what it’s like when you feel under-the-weather and your voice reflects this. When you feel vulnerable, maybe weak your voice reflects this. Is there something wrong with my voice? No. The voice just reflects the inner barometer of the internal weather system, it’s not personal. The voice, the Queen of the body acting for the needs and wants for the land, is just doing her job.

Then there is the hidden habit that we all have in how we are living our lives and throwing off our power to others. By undermining ourselves, by making ourselves small, by doing things for others that we don’t want to do etc. This is how we lose power, and of course our voice reflects this ‘habit’.

It is insidious and hidden and we don’t even know we are doing it, maybe the big painful sacrifices but not the subtle ones. It has become a way of life, to sacrifice ourselves for others to get the love we didn’t get.

It’s painful, old, manipulative, and needs to change don’t you think? Our voice is reflecting this lack of power and we think it’s our voices problem, no it’s not. We have a say on our choices and finding a new edge that is good for us and no-one else. This is brave and can seem heartless, but consider the alternative, how’s that going?

There comes a time when things need to change and get right side up again. Putting my needs and my desires first is right side up. It gives others permission to do the same. Your singing voice and your life will reflect this power, this permission in your bones. It will resonate with this permission and others will hear it. No you will not be alone. No you are not doing anything wrong.

There are soft edges and hard edges and everything in-between. Find your edge, it might be uncomfortable but you will reap the rewards of this new courage and feel more alive, more excited and you will be able to sing with conviction and power. It might be messy at first, oh well, don’t let the perfectionist tell you it’s gotta be perfect, it won’t be.

The singing voice needs a container for it to resonate inside of, not unlike a bell. Our bodies are our bell and the energetic space around us is the resonant space of the bell. When we lose our power we lose our place to resonate inside of, to reside inside. “The power of decision is my own”, from a Course in Miracles. Indeed. Find your edge, find your voice, what the heck.

June 24, 2014

The Voice is a Reflection of The Connection – by Anna Beaumont

‘There is only one shot that is in perfect harmony with the field’, says the actor in Bagger Vance a movie about golfing and life.  What is the field?  The field is the whole of consciousness and energy.  Insert here what your beliefs are, and so they shall be.There are different levels of ‘connection’.

There is connection to a feeling or a sensation, connection to the body, the thoughts, and also connection to the sound of the singing voice and connection to how your voice makes you feel inside.  The sound of the singing voice can be listened to from two different points of view.  One, subjectively, from the listeners opinions and judgments, secondly, objectively, just accepting it as it is as an experience of being there in time and space.  I believe this to be love.

Wherever my attention goes my energy flows and my voice will reflect that connection or lack thereof.  When I place my full attention into my chest and breathe into the sensations in this area and when I sing and continue to keep my attention here, my singing voice will reflect this connection.“

There is a perfect shot that is in alignment with the field, it takes focus to make that authentic shot, that one shot that’s yours. You have to see that place with your soul, don’t think about it, but feel it.”  From the Bagger Vance movie.It requires the focus of awareness for the flow of feeling energy to find the freedom of being in this part of your body.This is the making of the authentic singing voice; a voice that is connected to the field of awareness that that person has available to him or her in any given moment.  This includes feeling sensations, emotions and vibration.

This development of awareness and presence will be reflected in the singing voice.  The more she is able to be in harmony with a larger field of awareness the more beautiful and full her voice will sound.  It will reflect the connection.The awareness, the attention and the focus are all synonymous for the atmosphere and quality in which we are attentive to ourselves and to the field.  I can be aware of my chest and breathe here but my awareness might be harsh and forceful.  I can also place the focus into my chest and intend an atmosphere of love and acceptance here.

“Focus and don’t see a dragon at the end that you need to slay but see with soft eyes see where the tides and the seasons and the turning of the earth all come together.”“There is a perfect shot trying to find us”.  There is a perfect note that reflects this connection that is trying to find us.  It wants to know itself and it wants us to get out of our own way so that it can choose us to know itself.

The note or notes knows better than I.We intend what we want, then work together with the field to create it.  We accept what is happening now inside of us and we bring this with us.  We don’t step around it, or sing over it, above it or below it, but, include it into our field of awareness, it is all from the same field of Oneness anyway.  A field for thought. Our task is to bring all of us into consciousness, so we can make beautiful music from our whole Being.

April 8, 2013

THE SINGING BONES: How sweet the sound

The charge of energy in our body coming together with the vibration of our voice and feeling it resonating in the bones of our body is like sounding the earth and ground of our earthly bodies, it is one of the most grounding experience we can have.Our nervous system has been pushed to the limit as we push past ourselves to get our self worth and approval from people outside of ourselves and using our accomplishments to gain self-worth over our just being.  Our must have consumer society has us scrambling always for more and more and we have lost the connection to what is important and real.

Connecting to our bones and aliveness is connecting to our natural state, our natural operating system that is always waiting for us to come back home knowing that we are loved and safe. It is from this place that we can ask the question, what do I really want?The light of our 3rd eye creates a stillness for the movement and resonation that provides the para-sympathetic connection that is required for connection in singing and a connection to what is real, important and lasting.

The precision of the sound brings the stillness into being.  Like the threading of a needle we are asked to be extremely precise about where we are headed and where to place our attention. This knowing and confidence allows for stillness to be experienced. Again, it is from this space and place that we are able to see where we need and want to go.

Without this we are lost in the woods in the chaos of movement and energy adrift without a shore and no light house to guide us.The stillness gives us the opportunity to feel the depth of our being as well as our presence with all that is around us.  The movement has to pay attention to the authority of our stillness and meets its command to Be Still and Know.

The singing bones give us our anchor to our body to be still and feel the resonation in and through us.  We can then get in touch with the emotions that are present.  The singing bones can reflect the emotional energy and build a relationship with emotions and resonation.  Our emotions are a reflection from our connection.  When we receive our own vibration and resonance then others will hear and see us.  Using the focus of our minds we thread the sound through a precise portal outwards following through every note threading our sound out from our 3rd eye.

The tone reflects our emotional connection if we are being mindful and reflective.This intense threading of our essential being is two-fold. It sends our essence outwards as well as inwards and in doing so has the potential of bringing the stillness of the Present Moment.  It is an experience of the present moment that is a tangible felt experience.  It is as though this focused sound parts the seas between the worlds of spirit and earth and both are met in the moment.  We know at once where we are and who’s we are. Our spiritual essence, life force and breath combined with the earthly bones being resonated and penetrated.

The felt sense of this is one of joy, beauty and pleasure.It reminds us of what is true, real and sustainable in our lives.  It strikes and disturbs that which is not real and is of time; past or future.  In my experience of this our nervous systems are charged and become reminded that there is indeed a frontal lobe to add to the picture of our wholeness, not just our reptilian fight or flight experience of what we have accrued inside of habitual reactions.

This is not only important but crucial to the evolution of our species to allow singing and sound to become our true rightful passage to joy and love.In my experience of teaching over the years singing has been triggering our fight or flight for millennia and setting fire to our senses in a way that, depending upon each persons neurology can be very eroding for our nervous systems.

It is not the fault of our beautiful singing voices, but, the hiding from being seen and heard from ourselves and others that puts the lid on our free voice from knowing itself.  We need to light our senses on all cylinders, the cylinders that fire and fuel us into the now, not the then.  This is not only possible but inevitable in our growth as our use and awareness of sound grows and unfolds before our very eyes and ears.  I am humbled to my knees by this knowing.

August 22, 2013

The Harmonic Way – Living in Harmony & Balance

By Anna Beaumont

To be in harmony is to be in a state of agreement, of accord. It is the medium connecting and harmonizing two people together.  When we are in a state of true harmony we have agreed to invite the presence of a third party.  This medium is God.  “Wherever two or more are gathered in my name, there am I in the middle of them.”

Music, harmony, rhythm & tone is this medium and has the natural ability to teach us the way back home to our true nature.  It is the remembrance of these laws that reflect the order of nature and right thinking that is a trusted guide on this life journey away from a life of chaos and disharmony towards (two-forward) to a life of harmony.The laws of music, harmony & rhythm cannot forget their true nature and therefore we must use them to re-learn again what is natural inside of us.

For relationships to become harmonious instead of disharmonious. To learn the rhythm and flow of life that exists in music so that we may bring this knowing to our lives and teach other the Harmonic Way. Harmony in life is found in relationships between two people as well as in music.  The notes that are spoken between them dance in the music of either harmony or disharmony.

The two notes together, or the two people together, create two notes that are either; harmonious, chaotic, separate, dissonant, or detached.  This reflects through the conversation and body language in the voice as; tone, rhythm & pitch. To study the laws of harmony is invaluable in expanding our awareness to know when we are being harmonious or disharmonious, rhythmic or going against rhythm, being in tune or out of tune in our relationships.  This relationship that is reflected outside of ourselves with another person exists inside of us.

Our inner harmonious or disharmonious relationship that we have accrued through the years in the form of beliefs and defenses is reflected in the outer relationships and brings a certain musicality that we express consciously or unconsciously.

The singing voice is a reflection from this inner connection that I speak of here.  It acts as a barometer to connect us moment by moment to our body’s emotionally intelligent communication system; we change like the weather, and our singing voice is the intelligent measurement of this change.

So, to be in a harmonious relationship we must connect to our inner voice, our inner guide.  Freeing the singing voice is a way of cultivating this inner wisdom so that when we relate we are aware of our inner harmony or lack thereof.

The intelligence of sound, singing and music will be the most commonly used modality for healing in the future.  It contains the wholeness, harmony and balance of life. To experience our wholeness is to experience our singing voice, our breath, and all the life that is living and vibrating within us, around and through / / 780.499.6707

Tuesday July 2nd, 2013

Good Morning and Happy Summer!  (See below for drop-in classes for summer)

Focus at the top of your head for a minute – the Crowning Glory

“Wherever my attention goes my energy flow”

Lift your crown upwards and give your neck some room

So you can feel the back occipital ridge of your head (the eyes at the back)

Move back and forth between the top of your head and the back

Gaining awareness and a sense of alignment and strength

Use your breath to help you

Be aware now of the length of your spine and as you are becoming more royal you can access more and more of your spine all the way down to the tail

Keep stretching your mind upwards and feel your spine

begin to open and breathe



Take a couple of breaths into each connection:

Crown and back of head

Back of head and back heart (spine)

Back of head and middle back

Back of head and sacrum

Rock your pelvis in whatever way feels natural to you

Move your head as well as your pelvis

Feel your whole spine as a flexible snake and energy and light


Today’s Act of Existence: Get in touch with your body connection today at least 3X and give yourself permission to feel your own connection

and the pleasure that it brings…PLENJOYMENT :O)

For Now & Zen,


By the way, I am offering drop-in voice sessions at the Storefront Studio. If there is anyone who you know who would like to try a class please let them know about it.  If you bring a friend I will give you a 50% of the class :O))) Woot woot

When: Tuesday’s – July 9, 16 & 30 August 6 & 20 – 7-9pm
Where: Storefront Studio 6324-106 Street
Cost: $20 drop-in – $85 for all 5 classes – payment by July 6th

Monday June 24th, 2013

Good Morning, beautiful day…

Close your eyes and allow your eyes to roll up and back for about a minute

What do you notice? Anything?

This time let your eyes roll up again and pay close attention to your heart space

Open your eyes and allow for the same space that you felt with your eyes closed

Go back and forth for a couple of minutes noticing

Feel like you are lifting your eyes off of your heart and creating a length between them

Now hear your heart saying ‘YOU CAN TRUST ME’


Hear your heart also saying ‘LET ME TEACH YOU ABOUT SPACE’ ‘OPEN SPACE’

Space in your eyes to see

Space in your mind for clear thought

Space in your heart to love

Space in your throat to sing

Space in your belly for creation

Space for your Self to live and breathe

Space in your feet for your space on this earth….


Act of Existence:  3X today read this and know your space – the final frontier :o))

For Now & Zen,


Monday June 17th, 2013

Begin by noticing your feet

Let the energy build and grow simply by your attention

Do little movements with your toes, heels, ankle

Notice your breathing

Connect the breath in your chest to your feet

by drawing and syringing up your ground

Let the ground charge from your feet travel to your chest and back down

Let them feed each other

The air from your heart

The earth from your feet


Let your heart re-cognize itself

to the solid ground, earth and Current Connection of here and now



Breathe in the ground of your surroundings now, look

around you and feel a larger sphere of awareness

Breathe this current into your heart and exhale outwards

the purified air back into the ground and repeat

You are a part of the ground

You are breathing and living the air



May the ground rise to meet you…

Today’s Act of Existence…take a walk in nature and do this exercise

For Now & Zen,


Tuesday June 12th, 2013

How are you feeling today?

Feel your feet on the ground and

take a few breaths from the ground up

exhale back down your body 3X

Breathe up the back body and down the front 3X

Breathe up the left side and down the right 3X

Breathe up the right and down the left 3X

Breathe into your core belly and exhale from your core through your whole body 3X

Breathe into your whole body and exhale into your core belly gathering energy 3X

Become quite still and notice your body and any sensations or feelings


See how that feels inside of you

keep saying this while breathing and noticing


Today, repeat this phrase to yourself throughout the day

and repeat the breathing cycles 2 more times, for your


For Now & Zen,


Wednesday June 5th, 2013

Pay attention to the centre of your chest

Allow this attention to seep deeper through you

Settling you, grounding you here inside of youBreathe the sensation in for a minute or so

Are you aware of a feeling here? Your heart..

Keep breathing into the feeling and then begin to exhale the energy through your whole body

Give your heart some space for its expansiveness

Feel space in front of your heart and all around you

and allow the heart energy to fill this space


What is it that you want for yourself today? To feel? To accomplish?

Feel this land in your heart space


Now see yourself at the end of the day feeling proud of yourself


Imprint the feeling so you can recall it throughout the day

Come back to this several times

vSpend 5 minutes humming into the feeling to ground the experience


For Now & Zen,


Monday June 3rd, 2013


Your breath is calling you

The moment is beckoning you, always, all ways

The sights and sounds of now are sending messages of the constant and reliable truth; of now

We have investments in time


To let go of the minds mental energy requires a desire to know this ever present truth

Let’s find that desire, that motivation to let go and know


Ask yourself, ‘Where is the desire to let go and be still?’

What do you notice in your body?

Maybe you notice fear of letting go instead of desire?

Where is that inside of you?

Maybe it’s a question of ‘Well I don’t know how?’

Where do you feel that in your body?


All we need do is ask the questions and notice

Let this moment and the stillness that is always

Gently beckon to know it

Know the now

Not in the to-do list kind of way, there is no

obligation required of you to know the now

Only your attention is required


This desire to be here now is like the ultimate


Nothing like the moment to feed you

Today be curious about the desire to be here and where that is inside of you

Several times throughout the day say


And listen, listen, listen…..

In the light of love


The Moment….my Friday morning bliss….

The Moment, the Now, the Present; whatever you wish to call it,

has a penetrative ability if we allow it.  It impacts us to the degree
that nothing that we know of ourselves before or after the moment
can exist, and, in that moment, there is a sort of death of identity.

Not unlike sound and singing, it penetrates and brings us to the
moment.  It washes us clean of time.  It is this that we resist.
Losing our identity.  In the moment,  we blend in with everything
that exists and are identity-less.

Without thought and story and mental energy the stillness of the moment

can have me, not unlike surrendering to a lover, finally after all this
time of the moment wanting me, wanting me, wanting me, finally

I let it have me.  And, what a death it is. You should try it sometime.

It is so close that we cannot know it or recognize it.

Like our feelings, so close that we overlook them.  What is farther away we embrace, the gross movements of life, the coarseness of energy, the sharp edge.  We know this, I know this edge.  It feels mechanical and rigid and dependable, this edge, something I know it very well, like an old sweater that I really ought to throw out but still love the way that it feels around me.  It is of time and therefore it subject to death, time to let it go.

The moment is found in subtleties, silence and softness.  It has more power than the sharp edge, the coarseness, only slips by us with its beauty

unrecognized again, alas.  This beauty, we must attune to, align with and recognize, or else, its missed again.  Always another moment. Always an opportunity to re-cognize and re-member.

Court the moment like you beckon money, sex, or good feelings.  Feel the expectancy of it like a fisherman’s lure.  Throw it out there.





Good Morning,

How are you feeling today?

How was your weekend?

Take a few breaths and contemplate your last few days.

What do you notice in your body?  Feelings and sensations?

Start with your toes and move upwards, cover every inch

of you with your attention, your body loves it!

Knees (needs)

Legs (standing on your own two feet)

Pelvis and belly (emotional needs)

Solar plexus (will)

Heart (love for self)

Throat (asking for what you need)

Face and eyes (seeing clearly what you need)


Yes it’s all about you, may as well be, go ahead and

think about yourself all day and your needs…I dare you :o)

Ask yourself several times throughout the day today

What do I need right now?

And really listen…


Decide what your HAAAA is today and breathe yourself into this moment


Breathe from your feet to your head and back down a few times

Let yourself in let the love have you…


In the light of love