The Harmonic Way

August 22, 2013

The Harmonic Way – Living in Harmony & Balance

By Anna Beaumont

To be in harmony is to be in a state of agreement, of accord. It is the medium connecting and harmonizing two people together.  When we are in a state of true harmony we have agreed to invite the presence of a third party.  This medium is God.  “Wherever two or more are gathered in my name, there am I in the middle of them.”

Music, harmony, rhythm & tone is this medium and has the natural ability to teach us the way back home to our true nature.  It is the remembrance of these laws that reflect the order of nature and right thinking that is a trusted guide on this life journey away from a life of chaos and disharmony towards (two-forward) to a life of harmony.The laws of music, harmony & rhythm cannot forget their true nature and therefore we must use them to re-learn again what is natural inside of us.

For relationships to become harmonious instead of disharmonious. To learn the rhythm and flow of life that exists in music so that we may bring this knowing to our lives and teach other the Harmonic Way. Harmony in life is found in relationships between two people as well as in music.  The notes that are spoken between them dance in the music of either harmony or disharmony.

The two notes together, or the two people together, create two notes that are either; harmonious, chaotic, separate, dissonant, or detached.  This reflects through the conversation and body language in the voice as; tone, rhythm & pitch. To study the laws of harmony is invaluable in expanding our awareness to know when we are being harmonious or disharmonious, rhythmic or going against rhythm, being in tune or out of tune in our relationships.  This relationship that is reflected outside of ourselves with another person exists inside of us.

Our inner harmonious or disharmonious relationship that we have accrued through the years in the form of beliefs and defenses is reflected in the outer relationships and brings a certain musicality that we express consciously or unconsciously.

The singing voice is a reflection from this inner connection that I speak of here.  It acts as a barometer to connect us moment by moment to our body’s emotionally intelligent communication system; we change like the weather, and our singing voice is the intelligent measurement of this change.

So, to be in a harmonious relationship we must connect to our inner voice, our inner guide.  Freeing the singing voice is a way of cultivating this inner wisdom so that when we relate we are aware of our inner harmony or lack thereof.

The intelligence of sound, singing and music will be the most commonly used modality for healing in the future.  It contains the wholeness, harmony and balance of life. To experience our wholeness is to experience our singing voice, our breath, and all the life that is living and vibrating within us, around and through / /

“Healing Trauma Through Singing”

A Not-So-Known Benefit of Singing

Certain sounds or noises can make us jump and react in a way that says to our nervous system, or, rather our nervous system says to us, Danger!  We are, for lack of a better term, hard-wired to this nervous system response to impending danger.  Some more than others.  Our reptilian brain is only trying to do it’s best to keep us alive, it just doesn’t recognize there is no impending danger, that we are in fact safe, now.

I work with people to find their voices and to work through the many layers of fear that can be in the way of their beautiful expressiveness, and, the inner joy the singing voice can reflect from within us.  When I am with clients maybe for the first time I ring chinese bells that make a penetrating high sound that people react to in many different ways.  Some have no response whatsoever, some I watch grip in their bodies to protect themselves in a way that is unconscious, and some react as though there is great danger.  It is their nervous systems reptilian brain that is responding.  These reactions let me know a great deal about how they have been wired due to certain events or traumas that might still lurking there, or at least the nervous system thinks so.

Traumas are real, they have happened, they happened to me also.  It’s what is left in the years and years of recovery and the missing piece of our nervous systems reactions that can get overlooked.  This is what I am addressing here.

Our voices can act the same or elicit the same response as those bells do.  Either with an alertness that is calming and that stills the mind, or, with a flight or flight nervous system reaction that says, ‘danger!’.  What then is this so-called benefit I am speaking of here?  It is to re-train and re-organize the nervous systems response to; our voices, to others voices, and to challenge these impending danger alert responses.  To develop a tolerance to stimulation in a safe and supportive environment in which the participants are continuously being triggered by people’s voices and the sounds of bells and noises.

By opening ourselves up to sound, to our voices and to the inherent penetrative nature of our voice we open ourselves up to a world of safety, of calm, and of beauty that is also charged in nature.  As our singing voice holds a charge of energy that then is projected outward from a reciprocal charge that moves downward inside of our bodies.  This is what people block and what is being read by the ANS as ‘some potential threat.’

Why is it that public speaking is so scary? Why is it that singing can feel so exposing and make us feel so vulnerable and exposed?  Maybe it is our nervous system that is making us feel this way.  Maybe it is safe? And maybe it is also there telling us that this situation is indeed unsafe?  My purpose of inquiring into this is for us to simply begin to have a choice in our reactions.  Some are reacting to traumas that have made permanent homes inside of their brain and some only turn their heads in mild curiosity and indifference, and, some will never go near the flames.

Being touched and moved by the sound of someone voice opens the heart and this is beautiful, yes, however, there is a great deal of the population who cannot receive, feel or even recognize this beauty anymore due to overload in the nervous system and old reptilian reactions to danger of varying degrees.

Singing and connecting with our voices directly contacts the nervous system, the invitation is are we ready to find new pathways that heal and calm us versus being overcharged, overwhelmed or even numbed out from the sound of our own voice, or other voices.  Waiting for us in the calming, para-sympathetic side of our ANS is the gift of beauty and feelings of well-being and joy.  This is what I do all of this for, and, it’s worth it.

This is not any easy process, to face the charge of energy that we have been pushing away or reacting to in such extreme ways.  We cannot help our reactions to such stimuli and as I have mentioned our nervous systems are simply trying to alert us to keep us safe.  However, over the years I have witnessed many of my students find calm and peace where there was none.  I myself have experienced the same peace, and the real proof has been singing in front of large audiences.  I now experience the same calm and peace, where before it triggered old traumas and memories of danger and the need to protect myself in anyway I knew how.

I don’t have full understanding of how these things work, nor do I need to, but I have experienced and witnessed the healing powers of singing most certainly in myself and in others, and I am forever grateful to the intelligence that guided me to this understanding.

For the Love of Sound,
Anna Beaumont