The Voice Connection – Group & Solo


“We have fallen into the place where everything is music, we have fallen into the place where everything is love.” Rumi

“Out beyond ideas of right and wrong doing there is a field, I will meet you there.”  Rumi 
Singing then becomes like a meditation or a prayer that sends ripples through your body into every cell as well as those around you.  This becomes two fold, first we tend to drop the perfection and worry of singing and secondly we naturally being to receive the healing energy that we are creating within us and around us.
The key is to become aware of this field.  One Voice uses songs, like choirs do, but for the purpose of connection, transformation and healing.


Each Tuesday class begins with a guided meditation that connects the group in mind and spirit, creating an opening and a sense of oneness as we sing together.

“Every forest branch moves differently in the breeze,

but as they sway they all connect at the roots.” Rumi

Let yourself sink into the meditative and mystical embrace of the sacred sounds as we grow deeper together as One Voice with many branches.

All voices are welcome and there is no requirement for you to be able to read music.

You will love the energy of this welcoming group of women! Many of them came for an evening or a semester to check out one of Anna’s classes … and stayed for a decade. Maybe you will too!

“Remember the deep root of your being.”