Voice Classes to Awaken your Voice, your Body and your Being


“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” Nikola Tesla


January 2020 Class Schedule

Voice Connections

Song Celebration 

JULY 10TH, 2002 (?)

 Storefront Studio 6324-106 Street


We are all going through lots of changes without, but also within.

In speaking with some of you there are some major changes happening in you and your lives and I also feel changes happening within me.

Putting these big feelings into a song can really help move, shake, rattle, embody, ground and release us into this NEW DAY that is coming.

Singing your song will help set the tone and embody your new day!

New Day Celebration – 

– Choose a song of your choice that really feels like a celebration of this NEW DAY that is coming.

         (Anna will help you choose one if you are stuck.) 

– Find the right key for you to sing your NEW DAY song. 

A piano track for you to sing along with your song and to help you prepare for the concert. 

– Anna’s piano accompaniment on the day. (hopefully on July 10th)

– A run-through of the song with a microphone at the Storefront Studio the day before. 

– Price includes the rental fee for the Storefront Studio.

– Singing your NEW DAY song at the concert and creating a memory that will last forever.  

Cost is $100

“Through Anna’s classes, I feel an emerging awareness of an environment of support and love to help me be courageous so that I can slowly allow trust, vulnerability, and acceptance into my being.

I see glimpses of this growth within myself as I become more confident to speak my truth and step forward to sing a song.

I am more present with friends and family in my life.

In Anna’s hands, you are safe, accepted at whatever stage you are at, loved and fully supported to take this amazing journey.” 

Pam Smyth

For payment please send an email money transfer to anna.beaumont@gmail.com 


Healing Voice Circles – small groups

Vibrational support for your voice and body. 

Imagine yourself doing very gentle cranio-sacral work on your body with your voice!

These small groups are held at Anna’s home studio and consist of 4-5 people.

They are for those who wish to heal and connect to their voice, body & mind using specific voice and movement exercises.

Healing Voice Circles are a safe space to drop into your body with slow, mindful voice exercises.

People experience a deeper connection to their body and an awakening of power, confidence and vitality.

Participants learn the connections and relationships the voice has with the whole body.

The vibration of the voice is the tool to soften each part and bring the whole body into alignment with a natural state of flow and vitality.



Classes start January 6th, 2020

Monday’s 10-11:15am

Thursday’s  10-11:15am
With Anna Beaumont

$25 for one drop-in session or $200 for 10.

Please rsvp one week ahead for a Voice Healing Session.   

Private Voice Lessons – ongoing 

Lessons are 45 or 60 minutes in length.

Packages of 4 or 8 are available.

I also offer Zoom lessons, please inquire with Anna about costs for lessons.

For more information please click here.



Various times throughout the week.

With Anna at her home studio near Bonnie Doon.

Zoom online lessons

Love Singing?

Stay tuned for more sessions, workshops, retreats, online classes and other fun stuff!