The Voice Connection – Group & Solo

FALL VOICE CLASSES… Tuesday’s at 7pm & Thursday’s at 10Am

“Whether you are new to the realms of singing and yoga, or well acquainted – Anna’s knowledge and expertise in both (along with her gentle and charming manner) will connect you to your voice/body in a very personal and real way, and will bring to your awareness the profound influence your life has had on your voice/body, and the powerful effect your voice can have on your life and the world around.”  Karyn Stirling


This class is for those who want to develop a song to sing in front of others as well as a group singing class to improve your voice and increase your connection to your body.

Each soloist sings their song three times in front of the group before singing it at the recital cabaret at the end of term.  This is an opportunity to not only work on the song but to feel what comes up when it’s your turn to sing and to work this through in front of others.
There is also an opportunity to come and observe the solo portion of the class and prepare for the next session to sing on your own.

We start the class with a short meditation and then into some voice exercises before singing together as a group. The last hour is dedicated to the solo singers of which there are three per class.  There is an emphasis in the class on connecting to your voice and to your body to experience the aliveness within. 

“Out beyond ideas of right and wrong doing there is a field, I will meet you there.”  Rumi 

“Every forest branch moves differently in the breeze,  but as they sway they all connect at the roots.” Rumi