Authentic Voice Connection Classes that take you in as well as without… 


“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” Nikola Tesla


2020 Class Schedule

Path to Wellness Online Expo

Unleash Your Voice!

Join me in November as part of the Path to Wellness expo to discover voice & breath practices that unleash and free your voice!

A beautiful way to find freedom and release!

Connect to your body with your voice and transform your life one note at a time.

November 23 @ 7-8pm

November 19, 26 @ 11-12pm

For payment please click the Eventbrite button on the right hand side of the screen.

TUESDAY’S 7pm (MDT) Online Zoom

Voice Connections


An opportunity to sing, breathe and connect to yourself from the comfort of your own home.

Through simple chants, breathing techniques and specific voice exercises designed to free your voice.

The voice work distills down to sound bites of very precise voice exercises to help you connect you in beautiful, gentle ways.

We sing songs that are easy to learn to integrate and to let the dust settle within our being.

Online with Zoom –

It is a zoom platform with the same link each week.

*The songs/chants are sent out with lyrics and usually a recording. 

*Most of them are simple but getting a heads up beforehand is always nice to familiarize yourself with the material.

*The structure of the class – 

-Starting with presencing exercises, meditation, simple vibration to ground 

-Moving into a song and then coming to silence to feel and experience the vibrations and movements in the body.

-Working with a voice exercise or two to help open and move more energy and to align with the body. 

-Singing the song again to experience the difference in the body and presence.

-One-on-one demonstrations. 


You are welcome to sign up for 1, 2 or 3 sessions:


*September 15 – October 6th

*October 15 – November 3rd

*November 10 – December 1st


$70 – 1 session (4 weeks)

$130 – 2 sessions (8 weeks)

$185 – 3 sessions (12 weeks)

You can pay through Eventbrite here, or, via email

SATURDAY’S Authentic Voice Connections 1pm (MDT) – Zoom

Singing lessons that take you into yourself as well as out of yourself.

The Authentic Voice training is for singers, speakers and anyone who wants to improve their voice but also their authentic connection to themselves.

Connect your voice to your body and increase your somatic sense of yourself.

The lessons are trainings in a balance of the external sound of the voice through vocal exercises and the internal feeling tone of the voice through embodiment practices.

The classes are comprised of;

Vocal exercises to develop an alignment of the natural, authentic voice.

Body awareness (embodiment) practices such as meditation and building somatic awareness.

Singing simple chants to put it all into practice.

Each session (September to November) will build on one another with a similar structure and offerring a mixture of this inner and outer vocal development.

The lessons develop and build awareness of more than just your voice.

Your voice is a reflection from the connection…..


September 19 to October 10th

October 17th to November 7TH

November 14TH to December 5TH


$95 – 1 session (4 weeks)

$170 – 2 sessions (8 weeks)

$250 – 3 sessions (12 weeks)


Sing Hallelujah and connect your voice!


Private Voice Lessons – ongoing 

Lessons are 45 or 60 minutes in length.

Packages of 4 or 8 are available.

I also offer Zoom lessons, please inquire with Anna about costs for lessons.

For more information please click here. 

Various times throughout the week.

With Anna at her home studio near Bonnie Doon.

or, Zoom online lessons

Love Singing?

Stay tuned for more sessions, workshops, retreats, online classes and other fun stuff!