Voice Lessons

  • Awaken your voice.
  • Improve your communication skills.
  • Connect to your body.
  • Feel a stronger sense of inner well being.
  • Find your truth voice. 

“Singing; essence, life force and breath vibrating through earthly bones and penetrating your whole being.”

Your Voice Connection

For anyone who is looking to improve, find, free or heal their voice whether it be to sing or to speak. With 25 years of experience Anna helps people in various ways whether it be through simple voice training, vocal coaching for professional singers or helping those with deeper more complex issues with their voice.

“Anna Beaumont has been a huge light in my life, sent to me at a time when I was lost and trying to find my way. Not just musically, but spiritually. 

Anna was my voice teacher for about 5 years and through my voice lessons with her, she helped me to become more confident in myself and guided me on the journey to find my inner voice and my inner true self. To let go of my fears, to feel and express myself and not be afraid of my own power. 

I have known Anna for close to 10 years, and I owe so so much to her for who I am as an artist, performer and person today. I now live in Nashville, continuing to pursue my dreams of sharing my music and voice with the world.”

Krystan Bellows

Singer, Nashville

Transform your life one note at a time…

Voice Lessons

For anyone who wants to have a beautiful and free singing voice.   Come and experience simple voice and movement exercises to free your voice and nurture the beauty of your voice.  Return your voice back to a state of beauty and health with private voice lessons. 

‘Your whole body is used for singing and could be called an extended larynx!’

Voice Connection Therapy

For anyone who experiences problems with their voice whether they are singing or speaking.

Including a loss of voice, hoarseness, swelling of the chords, excessive phlegm, breathy or raspy voices, excessive shyness and fear. 

Voice Connection Therapy can help people feel more confident and in control of their lives through regaining the use of their voice whether that be through singing or speaking.

‘Your voice is a reflection from you connection.’


Performance Anxiety

Strength and Vulnerability….

Being a performer and ‘holding your own’ takes developing your core Self and finding a sense of stability and inner self-worth (aka confidence).   Vulnerability is important for a performer to have access to for the emotion to be present in the song, however when vulnerability is the only state present then it becomes unsafe for the performer and anxiety can creep in.

I like to think that vulnerability and strength are partners on a teeter totter for the performer to move back and forth between.

“Freedom cannot be found through perfection, but perfection can be found through freedom.”


What People Are Saying

“Through Anna’s teaching, my being became an instrument and my voice became fluid energy flowing through me,  and in so doing there was an activation of and synergistic connection between my parts.  My diaphragm, ribs, lungs, nasal passages and throat all worked together with one common purpose – to release that authentic sound.

Even more profoundly, I felt a connection and lighting up of my energy system and to my delight, a surge of both physical energy as well as a heightened spiritual awareness took place, as my chakras open up and radiated the awakening of a powerful vibrational energy that had lain dormant within me until today.

An important realization came upon me this afternoon; that learning to awaken, harness and express our most authentic voice is instrumental in the healing of the soul.”   

Jacqueline Lamb


“With Anna’s method of teaching she was able to “open up this part of my voice which had been blocked for so long” out of fear or whatever.  It just never got used so I say “blocked”….I now will not be afraid to try out the sound of my own voice!”



“Thank you so much for your cultivated and brilliant insight, your gentleness, intuition and generosity.

The recognition that powerful sound and song making is anchored in different parts of our very personal bodies through the power of loving intention and imagination.

Thank you for the great gifts of sound and song that you pulled out of all of me!”

Katherine Bissette


“The singing voice is where spirit and matter meet and where sound and light connect.”

Components of Singing – 

Whole Body Connection

Developing Trust


Relax & Refresh

Beauty of Body

Mind & Soul


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