Private Voice Sessions

Private Voice lessons with Anna Beaumont

♠60, 45 or 30 minute sessions available

Uncover your natural authentic voice with one on one coaching that will change your voice and change your life. Packages available.

Improve your voice, your communication, your connection to your body and yourself.  Feel a stronger sense of inner well being.

Student Krystan Bellows…
“Anna Beaumont has been a huge light in my life, sent to me at a time when I was lost and trying to find my way. Not just musically, but spiritually. 
Anna was my voice teacher for about 5 years and through my voice lessons with her, she helped me to become more confident in myself and guided me on the journey to find my inner voice and my inner true self. To let go of my fears, to feel and express myself and not be afraid of my own power. 
I have known Anna for close to 10 years, and I owe so so much to her for who I am as an artist, performer and person today. I now live in Los Angeles, continuing to pursue my dreams of sharing my music and voice with the world. 
Anna’s words and teachings have stuck with me over the years and guide me often. Lyrics from a song she wrote often pop into my head at a time I most need to be reminded, “Who are you not to be!? You are a child of God.”
Thank you Anna, for being such a light and inspiration in my life!


From the director of the Association of Sound Healing Nestor Kornblum who says, “through the regular use of sound combined with intention we may begin to vibrate faster at a cellular or molecular level. This what is meant by “raise your frequency”. The higher rate of vibration creates larger spaces between the cells, making us less dense, and preventing negative or intrusive energies from sticking to us easily. In the 1930’s the medium Edgar Cayce predicted that sound would be the medicine of the future. That future is now. So let’s all raise our vibration to harmonize with the energies of this New Millennium!”

Integrative Body Psychotherapy Sessions 60 minute sessions

Integrative Body Psychotherapy (IBP) is a comprehensive body-centered model of therapy that combines breathing, movement and presence to access the wisdom of the body. Rather than simply talking about issues IBP therapists help individuals use their breath to access the wisdom of the body.

To experience feelings of inner joy and happiness we must breathe, move and be connected to our inner sense of Self.  In IBP we address complex and long standing physical and emotional holding patterns held in the body and psyche. Eastern concepts of energy, movement and breath are connected with traditional Western psychological concepts to create a new and powerful model of therapy.

I am an Allied Health Professional in Integrative Body Psychotherapy, I am not a registered therapist.

The body and voice always know….

Anna has been studying the voice and it’s powerful connection to life, harmony and vibration for twenty years.  She has extensive knowledge and training in the workings and technicalities of the voice as well as years of experience in holding space for the emotional and intimate nature of singing and expression.

A health professional in Integrative Body Psychotherapy Anna combines the worlds of the voice, the Chakra energy system, psychology and spirituality to connect you to your true resonant voice.

“I receive a lot of phone calls and emails from women who are trying to find their voice, their truth, and want to express themselves in a more powerful way. They are very tender when they reach out that first time and decide to open and connect to their singing voice. To come to my house and to enter into the studio can be very vulnerable at first, but it doesn’t take long for them to feel the relief and release of finding their voice.”

‘Your voice is a reflection from your connection’

This is a phrase I use a lot to help people to understand that it’s not your voice’s fault. It is simply reflecting your inner weather and reflecting it through the sound of your voice. 

‘Wherever your attention goes your energy flows’

This is another mantra I use in classes and private sessions to guide people into their bodies and for them to understand this simple law of attention and energy movement.

‘There’s a way back and there’s a way through that doesn’t leave behind any part of you’

The Authentic Voice is at it’s best when it feels like a gentle breeze moving through your body and when nothing of the bodily nature hinders it’s dancing play of light and energy…

What you seek is seeking you” Rumi



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  1. Hi!! Just enquiring about private voice lessons. You came at the recommendation of a friend, and wanted to see if you have any availability and what the details are. Thanks!

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