Anna’s Workshop Participants:

“I joined Anna’s “Express Yourself” class about 4 years ago when I decided to face my fears about singing by myself in front of an audience.

In the past I had sung at different times in groups, duets etc but was terrified to sing on my own! It was very scary the first time & I still feel shaky when I sing my solos, but Anna is an Amazing facilitator. She is Magic in the way she “knows ” exactly what we need to understand our feelings & traumas that we store in our body & navigates us through to express our voice.

She creates a Beautiful & Very Safe space to sing & allow us all to feel the Fear & be ok with that!  This class has become a lifeline for me and a way of living to be part of such an Amazing group of Beautiful singers! So Grateful that I decided to face my Fear & join the Group!”  Marita

“This opportunity is a fabulous experience which I most highly recommend. Anna Beaumont, with her gentle, intuitive, guiding wisdom will take you on a journey you won’t soon forget. The Sound and Silence Retreat is a place to BE … to be heard, to be loved, to be accepted. It’s wonderful

As a student / follower of your teachings, I can attest that every word you’ve written is resonant with truth.
There is beauty within and without when we wrap our arms around ourselves in acceptance.”

Linda P.-Sound & Silence Retreat

I really enjoyed my lesson with you today… I can’t tell you how much better I feel… more confident, stronger and ready to stand in my own space with my own voice, yet still be and feel part of the whole.
When we harmonized today, I realized what you have been teaching us in class this session.  I experienced fully (for a few very wonderful brief moments) the joy and peace and magic that is felt when you can stand still and listen and enjoy the beauty of someone else’s voice while maintaining and standing strong in the unique sound of your own voice – this immense feeling of love and gratitude filled the room and in that moment we were so connected! I get it! Or, I’m starting to get it!!
Jocelyne…Express Yourself

Through Anna’s teaching, my being became an instrument and my voice became fluid energy flowing through me,  and in so doing there was an activation of and synergistic connection between my parts.  My diaphragm, ribs, lungs, nasal passages and throat all worked together with one common purpose – to release that authentic sound.

Even more profoundly, I felt a connection and lighting up of my energy system and to my delight, a surge of both physical energy as well as a heightened spiritual awareness took place, as my chakras open up and radiated the awakening of a powerful vibrational energy that had lain dormant within me until today.

An important realization came upon me this afternoon; that learning to awaken, harness and express our most authentic voice is instrumental in the healing of the soul.   Jacqueline Lamb – Healing Connections

“As a long term student of Anna’s Authentic Voice classes, i want to share my thoughts. When I first started my singing experience, the prevailing factors affecting my life were fear, defensiveness, and judgment. All of these were directed within myself as well as in my relationships. But there’s a part of me that just knew there was something else that wanted to be expressed. Through Anna’s classes, I felt an emerging awareness of an environment of support and love to help me be courageous so that I could slowly allow trust, vulnerability, and acceptance into my being. I see glimpses of this growth within myself as I become more confident to speak my truth, as I step forward to sing a song, and as I am present with friends and family in my life. There are moments now when I am aware that I can choose to be present in a way that is more loving, more accepting, more tolerant, more true….in other words more Authentic. It is certainly a courageous process to come to a deeper place in life, and if anyone out there is listening to that inner longing, then say yes to this Authentic Voice experience. In Anna’s hands, you are safe, accepted at whatever stage you are at, loved and fully supported to take this amazing journey.” Pam Smyth

When I first went into the Voice Connection class I immediately lost my fears about not being experienced or “good enough” to be singing amongst other people. We learned to set aside the self-critic and judgement and open up to singing in a room full of other people. The experience was about personal growth and setting up the conditions to sing as much as it was connecting with others in a safe space. Within those connections we navigated the room with our voice and bodies while also negotiating boundaries through voice.  Caitlin Richards – Voice Connection 2014

Anna created the perfect environment – warm, friendly, and inviting. I felt safe to explore and experiment. Her approach allowed me to coax my voice out from shy hiding, swirl it within my body, and pay attention and intention to where in my body my voice was picking up energy. My voice emerged like I had not heard it before! Was that me?!?! My goal of pushing my comfort level with my singing voice was absolutely accomplished. Thank you Anna for your guidance, wisdom, and openness. I highly recommend this class to anyone who wishes to make a connection with their voice.
Niki Sibera – Voice Connection 2014
I am, I feel, I do, I sing…. Anna’s voice connection class – just as the name says – was an adventure into sound and connection; connection with myself and with the others in the class.  I discovered the different tones that emerged in my body as we explored moving the voice around, and I got to know aspects of myself in new ways – thanks Anna!”   Tara Schuller – Voice Connection 2014
Anna with all my heart I am so grateful for your ability to allow space,
No need to fill it with much  doing-ness.
Thank-you from the bottom of my heart for the unmatched treasure that this is.
All that can finally unravel because of this space and attention.  Thank-you.  YES.
Your spot on intuition that is like a wash of clean energy through the entire room, yes like the bells you ring to penetrate into the heart of what is most needed in any moment.  It is equally beautiful and freeing to witness and to experience.
The manner in which you inform us by experience and example that everything in life and spirit is coming through the voice and the vast amount of help that that is in my life.
Rae…The Sound of Being…Mexico…2012


What I experienced with Anna’s “The Sound of Being” workshop was a very peaceful and clear state of mind, but at the same time I felt very alive.

 I was able, with Anna’s direction and teaching (through the practice of sound and awareness of the breath) to experience what my strengths and weaknesses are.
With Anna’s method of teaching she was able to “open up this part of my voice which had been blocked for so long” out of fear or whatever.  It just never got used so I say “blocked”….I now will not be afraid to try out the sound of my own voice!
I believe by using this practice taught in Anna’s class, it will be a useful tool in helping bring a calmer presence of mind to my everyday life.
Anna has strong listening skills and her awareness allows her to work with each individual to find what areas of a person’ voice need to be challenged and brought to the surface.
She is a real professional and a delight to be in her class!
Sheila….The Sound of Being….Mexico 2012

Thank you so much for your cultivated and brilliant insight, your gentleness, intuition and generosity. The recognition that powerful sound and song making is anchored in different parts of our very personal bodies through the power of loving intention and imagination. Thank you for the great gifts of sound and song that you pulled out of all of us!

~ Katherine

The very most penetrating insight had to do with self-care. I wasn’t breathing. Toning without breathing. I’m not sure what that means in a metaphorical or symbolic sense but it is unbalanced. Impossible. Boring. Really hard to do. Behind it there is this trying to achieve something and experiencing a kind of stress in that trying. We can’t hide anything in singing.

Singing is a life lesson
During which all that is delusional
Is gently revealed
to the student who seeing it
remembers to breath

~ Michael

Thank you for such a positive experience this weekend. I appreciated the combination of movement, mediation, and sounding in conjunction with singing/coaching.

~ Carol

Accolades for Express Yourself Workshops:


“Inspirational, evolving, vibrational, a journey of emotion, courage, change and shifting”.

It was an amazing experience last weekend, and I am very grateful for your respect and guidance and your joyous and elated response to our growth. Thank you Anna”

~ Loreto, Edmonton, AB

“Excellent, fulfilling, a profound experience.”

~ Melanie, Edmonton, AB

“Well worth the time spent, excellent.”

~ Barbara, Edmonton, AB

“It was amazing, great awareness, didn’t want this to end.”

~ Lynda, Edmonton, AB

“Profoundly moving and inspiring, changed how I perceive my voice and express myself.”

~ Shandra, Edmonton, AB

“Unexpected and so much beyond what I would’ve imagined.”

Kristine, Edmonton, AB

“A great introduction to voice release, breathing and letting go of stress in the body.”

~ Barbara, Edmonton, AB

“I can’t think of anything to add to this beautiful, spiritual, enlightening experience. A Unique experience that leaves one in awe, standing in their own power and free!”

~ Bekki, Edmonton, AB

“Thank you for all the amazing work you do, and the love you broadcast every time you sing!”

~ Donna, Edmonton, AB

“Thank you for the wonderful workshop where I felt God holding me for a few moments…I’ll never forget it!”

~ Maureen, Sunshine Coast, B.C.

“Thank you Anna for your kindness, understanding, incredible skill and empathy for all.  You are an amazing woman.”

~ Lynne, Sunshine Coast, B.C.

“Your sharing of spirit, music and presence created a deep feeling of inspiration, wonder and joy for me.  The time spent met my need for authenticity, connection and true communion.”

~ Michele, Sunshine Coast, B.C.

“You came to us as a sunlit drop of water…creating ripples in the rivers of our lives. Because of these ripples, none of us will ever be quite the same again. Thank you for sharing your world.”

~ Lois, Sunshine Coast, B.C.

“Very spiritual, grounded, intuitive and capable”.

“Awesome, the Best Ever!”

“Absolutely wonderful, energizing.”

“Anna, you are a diamond – beautiful and clear!”

“Anna Beaumont and her workshop “Express Yourself” was a wonderful gift of creativity, truth, integrity and voice.  I experienced support and compassion far beyond my wildest dreams.  If you are ready for transformation don’t miss this opportunity to experience Anna’s wisdom in the “Express Yourself” workshop.”

~ Jenafor

WOW, WOW, WOW – that is all I can say. What a priviledge to experience a master at work. Anna is deeply able to see exactly what each participant needs and masterfully opened up a door for us to all move through. Run don’t walk to anything she has to offer. Thank you Anna I am very blessed to have found you at a time in my life when I am so deeply seeking to open my voice to express truly what is resonating so strongly inside of me. I know we have more work to do!! And I am allowing the excitement of that to build.

~ With much love Ariana

Accolades for Anna’s voice and songs:


“The result is a unique, atmospheric song cycle which is at turns expansive, mysterious and thought-provoking, but still accessible and life-affirming.”

“Parts of The Doorway feature pretty dense, lush soundscapes, but the tunes also offer uplifting melodies and good song hooks.  Beaumont’s commitment comes through in some of her best singing ever.”

“Anna’s focus on themes of spirituality embodies a real search for truth and ancient wisdom that deserves an audience, whether you’re a Rumi fan or not.”

~ Roger Levesque from the Edmonton Journal re: the Doorway CD

“Anna Beaumont is a courageous and inspiring adventurer of the soul through sound and song. Her beautiful far-reaching voice awakened by ancient love poetry, unearths and arouses a new language of longing & belonging, with “The Doorway” she soars the heavens and dives into the elemental depths of the one heart, calling you Home.”

~ Chloe Goodchild; Creator and facilitator of The Naked Voice

Illuminating Rumi & Hafiz concert with Anna Beaumont was an inspiring evening. Anna’s beautiful rich soaring vocals, subtle messages and wide range of styles, supported by Martin Kloppers haunting cello, was refreshing and soothing. It was a pleasure to experience Anna’s obvious passion for her work and her ability to communicate and engage her audience.

~ Zeta Gaudet – House Manager Gibsons Heritage Playhouse

“I Heard you sing Fragile on CBC Sounds of Canada when I was in Canada a few weeks ago. Your voice is remarkable. It moved into me and out of me in a column of air and light and left my mouth agape as I drove down the highway. The hair on my arms waved, electrified.”

~ Janie Angus, U.S.A.

“On Promise My Heart, the local songstress, previously noted for her jazz stylings, finds herself crossing over into pop territory with such radio friendly tunes as ‘I Believe’, an up-tempo, uplifting, piano-based number. Fans of Celine Dion and Sarah McLachlan should love this album – and maybe grow to admire Beaumont even more. She has a lovely, sweet voice, but doesn’t resort to over-emoting or over-undulating as Dion and McLachlan are known to do. Plus, Beaumont’s songs have more depth.”

~ Sandra Sperounes: Edmonton Journal

“Experience a singer’s singer…experience Anna. Rarely does a voice come along that defies comparison. Anna’s voice does just that…welcome to the next generation of Artist!”

~ Senator Tommy Banks: Composer

“She sings like a bird, soaring high and angelic…truly one of the great voice of this decade…”

~ Mary Wilson of the Supremes

“Anna Beaumont continues to evolve as an artist. This woman has always been an impressive singer on all fronts but lately she’s also begun to find her stride as a writer and performer.”

~ Peter North: Juno Award winning entertainment writer

“Anna Beaumont’s commanding stage presence is second only to her terrific range and cutting vocal prowess, reminiscent to that of Aretha Franklin.”

~ George Blondheim: Canadian Film

“With moving arrangements and stunning lyrics, Anna held the crowd in the palm of her hand. The music was powerful without being overpowering and meaningful without being preachy.”

~ MacEwan Alumni Newsletter: Spring 2000