Performance Anxiety Coaching


Jann Arden has it so does Barbara Streisand and Canadian superstar Shania Twain. 

What is it they have? Performance Anxiety, or some call it Stage Fright.  It could also be called Performance Rejection Anxiety. 

Just what would we learn if we really got close to this energy?  If we began to understand it and make it friend, rather than foe. 

A lot. 

Singer, Vocal Coach and Health Professional Anna Beaumont has been speaking, writing and teaching about Performance Anxiety for many years. 

She takes artists back-stage to see what is really happening with this anxiety. 

Anna speaks from personal experience of her own crippling anxiety’s that appeared hours, days or weeks before a performance and what she has learned over the years to understand this anxiety. 

The business of being human and feeling all that artists feel on stage and beforehand is Anna Beaumont’s business. 

In her work Your Sacred Voice Anna helps artists not only to understand what they are feeling but can help them to rewire their nervous systems back to a state of balance through various tried and true practices. 

A Health Professional in Integrative Body Psychotherapy, Singer and Voice Teacher for 25 years Anna has studied the voice and body through the eyes of the nervous system as well as the meat and bones of our human emotions.

She speaks eloquently about this taboo subject and helps everyone uncover a little more harmony, relaxation and ease inside of themselves.  / /  780-499-6707

Questions I hear from singers….

I become quite anxious before I perform is this normal?

A little bit of anxiety and excitement is normal and expected before you perform and put yourself ‘out there’, however when the anxiety feels like it might take away from your performance then it can become a problem.  Do you always become anxious? Or is it just now and then?

Is there a way to break this anxiety and calm down? 

Yes. I like to help artists break this cycle by using and working with an image of the audience before they get close to the stage.  Follow this process:

Imagine the audience in front of you right now.

Notice what you see in front of you.

How close are they to you?

How does it make you feel?

Really slow it down and work with your seeing and then the feelings that arise from the image.

Now here’s the really big step. What is it that you want to have happen with the audience?

You can invite them to either – move back or forward in your psyche.

Or you can change the energy of the audience by having them smile or stand up and cheer when you walk on the stage.

Really keep it slow and try not to control this action but allow a greater part of you to operate the scene for you.

What do you see?

What do you feel?

When you get it the way you want it in your seeing and your feeling then sing a song or a few words to feel this imprinting in your solar plexus power centre.

Let your nervous system memorize this new pathway for you.

Repeat this process over and over before you actually step on the stage.

Can you help me to understand what is really going on ‘backstage’ so I can perform at my best?

Yes I can, and it’s different for everyone.  Some people take longer than others to really be able to ‘face’ their audience and ‘hold their own’.  That’s okay, this is a process of developing a sense of compassion and understanding for what is really going on inside of you.

Strength and Vulnerability….

Being a performer and ‘holding your own’ takes developing your core Self and finding a sense of stability and inner self-worth (aka confidence).   Vulnerability is important for a performer to have access to for the emotion to be present in the song, however when vulnerability is the only state present then it becomes unsafe for the performer and anxiety can creep in.

I like to think that vulnerability and strength are partners on a teeter totter for the performer to move back and forth between.

I work with people to find their authentic core with the process above first.  Then we can begin to strengthen the body’s energy to be in support of the singer or performer and not against it.

Please feel free to call or email me.  It’s important to know that there is help and that you are not alone in this.  Performance anxiety can be so crippling to your art and doing what you love to do.   Inquire within for fees on coaching.

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