Humpty dumpty had a great fall…well, who didn’t?


Singing teaches us to let go, so they say, to let go of control and be free. The irony in this is that singing actually teaches us to connect. Connect to ourselves more deeply than we ever have. To put ourselves back together, IMG_0301like humpty dumpty. We’ve all had a fall. These pieces inside of us need connecting and to learn to work together as a whole unit.

If there is a ‘letting go’ it’s in controlling this deep connection from happening at all. It’s something we have inside of us that we connect to, not a dis-connecting and letting go to a vague ‘something out there’, but, right here, right now, inside of you, waiting for you, that’s the connection.

This yearning, this longing for surrender and letting go is a calling to us to connect, and the singing voice is one ways of knowing the truth of this, all the way down and through. It’s the safest place you’ll ever know. Your own Self.

Your Voice Connection…

as above so below

If you sing or if you want to sing and you haven’t yet faced the mountain that is in the way of your authentic singing voice then welcome. This path of finding your voice is one way over the mountain you have built up in front of your true, authentic voice, your power and your birthright to be here and know yourself fully in your creativity and expression.

All you need do is think about singing in front of people and the mountain appears before you. The mountain of doubt, shame and insecurity.

You may have seen the mountain before, maybe many times and maybe you have turned away from it, from it’s demands and commands, and yet here you are again standing before it. Before the greatness of yourself, terrified, daunted but somehow this time you are willing.

Willing to stand in the heat and the fire of what needs to burn away inside of you to make space for your true voice to ring and shine outwards for all to hear.

Trembling, weak in the knees you proceed…welcome to The Voice Connection.

Classes are starting up pretty quick so if you are wondering if this is for you take a read of some articles on the Now and Zen page here or just give me a call. 780.499.6707 and I am happy to have a chat with you.

Your Voice Connection…

Hello Visitor!  If you are visiting this site because you want to find your voice and express yourself then you have come to the right place!  Your voice is a reflection from your own connection and is unique only to you, there is noone else who sounds like you and your voice is beautiful and alive with spirit and the vitality of the universe!
Thank you Anna Beaumont and your Voice Connection class! The exercise at the end where we each took a turn slowly rotating in the middle of a larger singing circle made me feel cocooned in sound, energy and love. In that place, I felt protected, nurtured and safe. I was open to receiving what was being offered to me at that moment and it filled me in a way that I didn’t consciously realize I needed. This experience reminds me that in order to grow, I dare to take in and be nourished. I dare to acknowledge and fulfill my own needs and desires AND ask for them to be met! It is from this place of being filled up that I can truly go out and offer my gifts to others. Hot damn this feels goooood!!! I am connected through my voice to others and they are connected to me. Juicy!!
To unfold and unravel your voice is to remove the obstacles that are in front of it, to clear away the clouds that are blocking your sun.  There is nothing wrong with your voice, it is innocent and simply reflecting your inner world through vibration and energy, how marvelous!!!


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 “I was able, with Anna’s direction and teaching (through the practice of sound and awareness of the breath) to experience what my strengths and weaknesses are.
With Anna’s method of teaching she was able to “open up this part of my voice which had been blocked for so long” out of fear or whatever.  It just never got used so I say “blocked”….I now will not be afraid to try out the sound of my own voice!
“I believe by using this practice taught in Anna’s class, it will be a useful tool in helping bring a calmer presence of mind to my everyday life.
Anna has strong listening skills and her awareness allows her to work with each individual to find what areas of a person’ voice need to be challenged and brought to the surface.
She is a real professional and a delight to be in her class!”
Sheila….The Sound of Being….Mexico 2012