anna beaumont 

singer, composer, voice teacher

& facilitator


The Authentic Voice is an opportunity to connect to your voice and learn about its gifts without the need for performance or perfection.   Connect to your voice and understand its powerful connection to your body where your true power lies.  Sing, moan, growl, shout and let it all out! There is no prior singing experience necessary to participate in this workshop. Come back to what is naturally and Authentically you.

Your Voice is a reflection from your connection.

Over the years and years of singing and teaching I have come to really see and understand the disconnect our society has with singing.  Singing simply terrifies people.  It exposes us in the way that nothing else does.  There has been so much in the way of the beauty of the voice and so much fear that keeps this uncovering of the voice from occurring.  Singing is a direct way to connect with your truth and your beauty.

“The sound of the silence, the sound of this dream, is calling you closer, past what it seems…”

The journey to uncover and discover your Authentic Voice is different for everyone, but similar in that all these paths return to freedom.  Our voices have been crippled by the perfectionist and the critics inside each and every one of us, and to truly discover this inner beauty we must meet these critical voices and disable them from controlling us.  Then and only then can the truth of your voice shine out from within you.  You are worth it.

Through voice and body exercises, simple chants, movement and developing awareness of the voice, your Authentic Voice will sing.   Your Authentic Voice is like a sculpture that will reveal itself overtime with acceptance, alignment and focus.
This letting go occurs naturally overtime through developing an understanding of how energy flows through your body and how your voice wants to align with this energy-in-motion.

“It whispers and beckons, it’s so close to you, it’s the sound of the stillness, living here in you…”

Qualities such as stability, flexibility, focus, depth and beauty need to be recognized within the person and aligned with the energy body which the voice will then reflect outwards.
Through the study of: voice exercises, opening and balancing the Chakras, finding inner stillness, and allowing for movement, your Authentic Voice will begin to sing.

“Sing, sing inside of this dream, and out of the silence a new day begins.  Listen, listen this new moment brings, you closer to heaven than you have ever been.”

summer sound circles…


Wednesday’s JULY 6, 137:00 – 8:30 PM

7:00 – 7:45 Toning the Vital Energy Centers (Chakras)

7:45 – 8:30 Express Yourself

$15 drop-in fee

(Please rsvp there are only 8 spaces… Class held at Anna’s home please contact for address)

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The purpose of the throat chakra, other than communication, is purification.  Expressing, clearing, getting rid of etc.  Expressing yourself through singing moves energy and opens the body to a greater level of vitality and aliveness in you. These circles are an opportunity for you to be seen and heard in a whole new way. 

Anna’s authentic voice CLASSES include:

    • The Authentic Voice – Monday’s 6-7pm / Healing Connections / Group Class
    • The Authentic Voice – Express Yourself – Tuesday’s 7-9pm / Storefront Studio / Group & Solo class – Recital & the One Voice Choir
  • private voice lessons to uncover your authentic voice
  • Retreats – Sound of being retreat at the wilderness resort

20150801_WildernessResort_Retreat-160-2-1The Sound of Being….July 24th – 28th, 2016

4-days of Music, Meditation & Mantra for your soul and your life.

Anna’s Authentic Singer has led her to create four CD’s.  She invites us to discover The DoorwayCD and encourages us to find the doorway to ourselves through freedom in expression, singing & life.