theauthenticvoice1♥ Anna Beaumont ♥ 

TeacherSinger, Composer

 The Authentic Voice is for anyone who wants to…

♥ Sing

♥ Speak

♥ Communicate… Authentically

In a way that reflects who you authentically are… through the sound of your voice.

The Authentic Voice facilitates people in creating deeper connections to the body, voice and emotions through singing exercises, movement, breath practices and group singing.  To uncover and discover the beauty within that is longing to be expressed.

“Your Voice is a reflection from your connection.”

Over the years and years of singing and teaching I have come to see and understand the disconnect our society has with singing and communicating authentically.  Singing simply terrifies people and exposes people in the way that nothing else does.  There is so much in the way of the authenticity of the voice and so much fear that keeps this uncovering of the voice from occurring.  Singing is a direct way to connect with your truth and your beauty.  Singing impacts your speaking voice and the reverse is also true.

“The singing Voice acts as a barometer to connect us moment by moment to the body’s emotionally intelligent communication system; we change like the weather, and the singing voice is the intelligent measurement of this change.”


The journey to uncover and discover your Authentic Voice is different for everyone, but similar in that all these paths return to freedom.  Our voices have been crippled by the perfectionist and the critics inside each and every one of us, and to truly discover this inner beauty we must meet these critical voices and disable them from controlling us.  Then and only then can the truth of your authentic voice be known.

“Freedom cannot be found through perfection, but perfection can be found through freedom.”

Connecting to the body and the emotions through various exercises and practices will return you to the flow of energy within you. The Authentic Voice helps to uncover you and connect you to what is natural and authentic within you.

“We are all being shaped by everything that is vibrating within and around us and we are all making intricate patterns of our lives whether we mean to or not.” 

Anna’s Authentic Singer has led her to create four CD’s.  She invites us to discover The DoorwayCD and encourages us to find the doorway to ourselves through freedom in expression, singing & life.