The sound of a voice waking up…


Singing wakes us up. It’s brings energy and aliveness to those sleepy, unconscious places inside of us that, for whatever reason, lost consciousness. Parts of us as we get older slip as above so belowout of our awareness and we can become ‘comfortably numb’. We plod along with the Jones’ and get by and bit by bit, however, part by part we lose our body awareness and the subtleties and wonder that we had when we were kids.

The subtleties are where the magic lives. It’s in the dew drop on a leaf, the dust hanging in the air, a blade of grass, a bee on a flower and in the sound of a voice waking up. We recognize the magic in nature because it’s inside of us and we are in touch with it. As within as without; a beautiful reflection of our inner subtle awareness.

Using vibration and the sound of our own voice to actively wake up pieces of ourselves is to realign again with nature, with what is naturally flowing through us all the time and to court it. I sing you too me. I feel you through me. I see you in me. As within as without. As above, so below.

Humpty dumpty had a great fall…well, who didn’t?


Singing teaches us to let go, so they say, to let go of control and be free. The irony in this is that singing actually teaches us to connect. Connect to ourselves more deeply than we ever have. To put ourselves back together, IMG_0301like humpty dumpty. We’ve all had a fall. These pieces inside of us need connecting and to learn to work together as a whole unit.

If there is a ‘letting go’ it’s in controlling this deep connection from happening at all. It’s something we have inside of us that we connect to, not a dis-connecting and letting go to a vague ‘something out there’, but, right here, right now, inside of you, waiting for you, that’s the connection.

This yearning, this longing for surrender and letting go is a calling to us to connect, and the singing voice is one ways of knowing the truth of this, all the way down and through. It’s the safest place you’ll ever know. Your own Self.

Your Voice Connection…

as above so below

If you sing or if you want to sing and you haven’t yet faced the mountain that is in the way of your authentic singing voice then welcome. This path of finding your voice is one way over the mountain you have built up in front of your true, authentic voice, your power and your birthright to be here and know yourself fully in your creativity and expression.

All you need do is think about singing in front of people and the mountain appears before you. The mountain of doubt, shame and insecurity.

You may have seen the mountain before, maybe many times and maybe you have turned away from it, from it’s demands and commands, and yet here you are again standing before it. Before the greatness of yourself, terrified, daunted but somehow this time you are willing.

Willing to stand in the heat and the fire of what needs to burn away inside of you to make space for your true voice to ring and shine outwards for all to hear.

Trembling, weak in the knees you proceed…welcome to The Voice Connection.

Classes are starting up pretty quick so if you are wondering if this is for you take a read of some articles on the Now and Zen page here or just give me a call. 780.499.6707 and I am happy to have a chat with you.