Your blueprint…your voice

November 11th, 2014


“Each person is an instrument in the orchestra that is the whole Universe and every voice is the music that comes from one of its instruments, each instrument being made distinct and particular, so that no other voice can take the place of that particular voice.”

Hazrat Inayat Khan

The classes have flown by in this term as always and again I have had the great privilege to be a witness to a number of voices finding their owners, their blueprint and claiming their birthright, their voice, and I am in awe by the willingness and courage that is inside of each one of them.

When a singer steps out to sing a solo note or phrase in class and finds the beauty inside of themselves resounding outwards we are all so happy to hear it, to hear this beauty reflected out from within.  There is no competition, nothing other than support and such a strong desire for that person to claim their voice and for us to hear it.  Like a bell ringing for the first time it penetrates the space and all of us, one voice at a time, ahhh!


Your Holy Ground – Wed. Oct. 29 @ 6:00 pm

Holy Ground copy

This coming Wednesday I will be offering “Your Holy Ground’, the third of fourth in a series on the vital energy centers on the Chakras
This month’s session will focus on the Throat & 3rd Eye – Where Sound and Light Connect -
How do I block my voice?
How am I not seeing clearly?
The Chakras are always so fascinating to me and I learn so much every time I teach them. I do hope you will join me in this meditation/conversation style of sharing this information. Check out the poster for the details!


The sound of a voice waking up…


Singing wakes us up. It’s brings energy and aliveness to those sleepy, unconscious places inside of us that, for whatever reason, lost consciousness. Parts of us as we get older slip as above so belowout of our awareness and we can become ‘comfortably numb’. We plod along with the Jones’ and get by and bit by bit, however, part by part we lose our body awareness and the subtleties and wonder that we had when we were kids.

The subtleties are where the magic lives. It’s in the dew drop on a leaf, the dust hanging in the air, a blade of grass, a bee on a flower and in the sound of a voice waking up. We recognize the magic in nature because it’s inside of us and we are in touch with it. As within as without; a beautiful reflection of our inner subtle awareness.

Using vibration and the sound of our own voice to actively wake up pieces of ourselves is to realign again with nature, with what is naturally flowing through us all the time and to court it. I sing you too me. I feel you through me. I see you in me. As within as without. As above, so below.