“For me it’s like church. I get to go and be around like-minded people who support and love one another in a space that’s filled with freedom and acceptance. I get to come back to myself.”  

A participant in the Tuesday evening class

Singing:   Essence, life force and breath vibrating through earthly bones, penetrating our whole being.”

Connect to your body with your voice and wake up each sleepy part of you with the powerful vibrations of your voice. 

Express yourself, sing or speak with more clarity and freedom.

Transform your life one note at a time…

Welcome singers, speakers and seekers alike! Your voice is your key to connect you to your body and to everything that is alive and moving within you and around you…

Who is The Voice Connection for? 

Anyone who is looking to improve, find, free or heal their voice whether it be to sing or to speak. People come to The Voice Connection to connect to their voice and body and to find confidence, power and freedom in their expression.

With 25 years of experience The Voice Connection helps people in various ways whether it be through simple voice training and coaching for professional singers as well as working with people who experience voice problems such as loss of voice, hoarseness, psychological issues from traumas and performance anxiety.

Anna’s training in Integrative Body Psychotherapy (a study of the energy flow in the body), Voice Dialogue and Chakra training as well as years in studying the voice can help you uncover what is in the way of your voice.

Uncover your voice and discover your beauty.


“Whether you are new to the realms of singing and yoga, or well acquainted – Anna’s knowledge and expertise in both (along with her gentle and charming manner) will connect you to your voice/body in a very personal and real way, and will bring to your awareness the profound influence your life has had on your voice/body, and the powerful effect your voice can have on your life and the world around.”   Karyn Stirling

“Anna’s classes leads you on a path of self discovery.  Sometimes it is very subtle and sometimes not.  When she leads you through the singing process, she picks up on things that others cannot see.  She knows what is hiding inside of you and she also knows how to open it up.  She helps you to open up and show yourself.  It is magical to watch.”  Allyson

“Through Anna’s teaching, my being became an instrument and my voice became fluid energy flowing through me,  and in so doing there was an activation of and synergistic connection between my parts.  My diaphragm, ribs, lungs, nasal passages and throat all worked together with one common purpose – to release that authentic sound.”  Jacqueline

Singer, Composer, Teacher and Workshop Facilitator Anna Beaumont

Singer, songwriter, teacher and facilitator of The Voice Connection workshops and Sound of Being retreats, Anna has been studying the voice and it’s powerful connection to life, harmony and vibration for twenty years.  A health professional in Integrative Body Psychotherapy and voice teacher Anna combines the worlds of the voice, the Chakra energy system, psychology and spirituality to help you uncover your Authentic voice.