With Anna Beaumont

Welcome! Your voice is waiting for you, waiting to connect you to your authentic voice, your truth and your beauty.  

New Classes for 2019


“Anna’s classes leads you on a path of self discovery.  Sometimes it is very subtle and sometimes not.  When she leads you through the singing process, she picks up on things that others cannot see.  She knows what is hiding inside of you and she also knows how to open it up.  She helps you to open up and show yourself.  It is magical to watch.”  Allyson

“Through Anna’s teaching, my being became an instrument and my voice became fluid energy flowing through me,  and in so doing there was an activation of and synergistic connection between my parts.  My diaphragm, ribs, lungs, nasal passages and throat all worked together with one common purpose – to release that authentic sound.”  Jacqueline

Singer, Composer, Teacher and Workshop Facilitator Anna Beaumont

Singer, songwriter, teacher and facilitator of The Voice Connection workshops and Sound of Being retreats, Anna has been studying the voice and it’s powerful connection to life, harmony and vibration for twenty years.  A health professional in Integrative Body Psychotherapy and voice teacher Anna combines the worlds of the voice, the Chakra energy system, psychology and spirituality to help you uncover your Authentic voice.