Anna Beaumont

You do have a voice. It’s there, I promise you. Let me help you to uncover it. 

Essential lessons in…

*The effortless use of your voice. 


*The sacred connection to your body. 


*To sing, speak & align with your authentic truth.  

With Anna’s compassionate guidance, we are taught how to remember the truth of who we really are. Through a variety of well-orchestrated, simple voice exercises and body movement, we begin to wake up our sleeping life force.

Allison Moore

It’s here! My new music video is about coming out of the dark of Covid and into the light.

We’re all walking through this together…

Based on the poetry of Rumi – “Keep Walking though there’s no place to get to but don’t try to see through the distances that’s not for us to see…move within, move within, and don’t move the way that fear makes you move, keep walking, keep walking.”

Freeing Your Authentic Voice – Private Voice lessons (online or in person)

For anyone who is looking to improve, find, free or heal their voice whether it be to sing or speak.

Find Support for Your Authentic Voice –  Groups and Workshops (online with zoom)

Find support for your voice in a group setting online.  Connect to your sacred voice and body with gentle and profound exercises and meditations.

Overcoming Stage Fright – Private lessons (online or in person)

Sometimes fear and anxiety gets in the way of you being all that you can be. Find the support you need to get back out there and shine! 

“Anna coaches you to go within and connect with, and channel energies we have within us.

She teaches how to use those connections to work together to allow the voice to flow freely.

It may sound bizarre, but finding my Sacred Voice has become so much more than singing classes for me; it has become therapy!

I am so thankful for the path that led me to Anna Beaumont!”

Lori B.

My goal of pushing my comfort level with my singing voice was absolutely accomplished.

Thank you Anna for your guidance, wisdom, and openness.

I highly recommend this class to anyone who wishes to make a connection with their voice.

Nikki S.

Call Anna for a free 15-minute consultation at (780) 499-6707 or email

Your Authentic Voice work helps people in various ways whether it be through simple voice training and coaching for professional singers as well as working with people who experience voice problems such as loss of voice, hoarseness and vocal splitting.

I specialize in helping people with performance anxiety as well as in dealing with the crippling voices of the inner critic, the judge etc.

Underneath these critical inner voices lies Your Authentic Voice longing to be expressed!

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