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Uncover Your Voice & Discover Your Beauty 

Creating Voice Connections….

“I am, I feel, I do, I sing…. Anna’s Voice Connections class – just as the name says – was an adventure into sound and connection.”

A program designed to help you connect to your mind, body and spirit through the experience of singing, meditation, movement and mantra.

“Your voice is a reflection of your connection.” “

Like one pure drop of water, one drop of a note into your Being can open you to who you really are.”

“My goal of pushing my comfort level with my singing voice was absolutely accomplished. Thank you Anna for your guidance, wisdom, and openness. I highly recommend this class to anyone who wishes to make a connection with their voice.”

Nikki Sibera

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Customized Instruction For Every Student

Customized voice instruction for those who are looking to improve, find, free or heal their voice whether it be to sing or to speak.

With 25 years of experience Anna assists in helping people in various ways whether it be through; simple voice training, vocal coaching for professional singers or helping those with deeper more complex issues with their voice.



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Uncover Your Voice and Discover Your Beauty

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Singer, Teacher & Health Professional 

Anna Beaumont


With 4 CD’s and having performed worldwide Anna was recently named a ‘Legend of the Edmonton Music Scene.’


Anna’s 25 years of teaching experience help people in various ways whether it be through simple voice training, vocal coaching for professional singers or helping those with deeper more complex issues with their voice.

Health Professional

Opening to the voice can be a vulnerable experience and we need to know that we are in good hands.  Anna has trainings in various modalities to help you awaken your voice including – Integrative Body Psychotherapy, Voice Dialogue, the Chakra energy system and years of training in teaching singing and connection work.


What People Are Saying

Thank you again Anna for creating such a remarkable community experience, I am truly grateful and this is deep healing for me, reclamation time. Until being there with all of you last night I hadnt fully acknowledged how deeply I longed for this creative connection. So liberating.

It felt like parts of my soul were making their way back here.  It has deepened my spiritual journey and I am so delighted. Thank you for this joy, all the grace, your generosity and for being so welcoming. 

You are such a gift to this world Anna, one of those people who really is all heart. While we are each an unfolding of God, it is a defining moment to bear witness to someone who really embodies that.” 



“When we harmonized today, I realized what you have been teaching us in class this session. 

I experienced fully (for a few very wonderful brief moments) the joy and peace and magic that is felt when you can stand still and listen and enjoy the beauty of someone else’s voice while maintaining and standing strong in the unique sound of your own voice – this immense feeling of love and gratitude filled the room and in that moment we were so connected! “


“When I first went into the Voice Connections class I immediately lost my fears about not being experienced or “good enough” to be singing amongst other people.

We learned to set aside the self-critic and judgement and open up to singing in a room full of other people.

The experience was about personal growth and setting up the conditions to sing as much as it was connecting with others in a safe space.

Within those connections we navigated the room with our voice and bodies while also negotiating boundaries through voice.”  

Caitlin Richards

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